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Any guidelines for experimentation with shamanism?

I’ve been experimenting with shamanism lately, using weed as a conduit. I feel I’ve experienced some degree of success, but I’m only scratching the surface, catching only glimpses of what may be taking place. Are there any guidelines for meditation and shamanic journeying?


  1. Check out the vault of erowid. http://www.erowid.org/ While it is mostly psychoactive it come at it from the standpoint of spiritual expansion and has extensive links to issues of meditations and shamanism ( or it did, I haven’t really looked at it for a year or two. Good luck.

  2. You don’t need drugs to have a shamanic experience. All you need to be able to do is discipline your mind, and visualize.
    I had a very powerful shamanic vision when I was experimenting around with it some years back. I’ve always been interested in things like dreams, meditation, and nature – but particularly dreams, because I was very prone to experiencing precognitive dreams.
    Anyway, I was studying a book called “By Oak, Ash and Thorn” by D.J. Conway, which was recommended to me by a friend. It focuses on Celtic Shamanism. I was doing one of the visualization exercises (the one where you visualize a gold block, if you bother to read the book), and suddenly the gold block wasn’t there anymore. Instead, I was standing in a meadow in a circle of golden daisies. Within the circle, there was a Native American woman in a maroon dress with a name I couldn’t pronounce. It was her eyes, though, that I found most compelling… beautiful, dark, filled with such wisdom, understanding and compassion that I couldn’t mistake her for anything but a wise and benevolent spirit. She invited me into the circle, and offered to answer questions for me. My first question was, “How do I know this is real?” She showed me a very clear image of a curled golden leaf, and I got the sense that this was my answer.
    After that, I went downstairs to fix myself a glass of iced tea. I moved a pillow aside on the couch, and there was that golden leaf I was shown in the vision, curled in exactly the same way it was shown to me.
    I still have that leaf to this day. The vision was so strong and realistic that I drew a picture of the woman exactly as I saw her, and I still have that to this day as well.
    No drugs involved. I like to think I’m not insane.
    When you succeed, you know. It will change your life. This experience is one of two reasons I refuse to call myself an atheist.

  3. as through my own experiend it seems pot opened a door, it seems easier to connect in spirit communication (through symbols and pictures in the mind) among an aesthetic feel of such communication. it does seem tho that this will continue to help you scratch the surface. seems to also help relate ideas from other dimension to this one. but from a view of this world alone expanding to the next. to get to the next i’d agree with what was mentioned above; that it takes time, effort, and a disciplined mind. to search and ask for help through meditation while possibly incorporating more ceremonial usage of herbs, honoring the elements, honoring the medicine wheel, and your ancestors. also honoring the symbolism of four races helps alot as well. for our personal health also resides in the medicine wheel. ofcourse different ways help for different people, and there’s heardly any sure way other than to stick with it. the more u honor and put emotion into things you do not know the more powerful they will become. you will know ur on a good path when u attract information to you that you are searching for and find confirmation in things such as certain guides, totems, stone medicine.. it goes on, each his own journey, giving us room to share our own experiences due to our own learnings.


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