Home Discussion Forum Any good resources on witch legends and persecutions all over the world?

Any good resources on witch legends and persecutions all over the world?

I’m working on a project of sorts and I need to know as much as possible about witch legends and witch persecutions from all over the world. I’m trying to really dive into this research and get as in-depth as I can. Does anyone know any trustworthy websites or good books that I could read? Thanks, I really appreciate it.


  1. From the UK, There are the Witches of Pendle Hill, and Mother Shipton, but you can also research the Scottish witch trials.
    Research on “The Burning Times” in the US, Church of the Iron Oak, and the Salem Witch Trials.
    Various methods of torture were used to extract confessions, and many innocent people died as a result of false evidence given under torture.
    Most died by strangulation and hanging rather than being burned. There is a UK list of names (incomplete) on the web, and you can probably research those separately.
    Oh, and the C.O.A. should have a fair bit of history somewhere too.

  2. I have made it a goal to learn all i can about Wicca, Witchcraft, and its place in history. I would recommend the following site to anyone :
    This is a real site the lists the names of all the people around the world that have been killed in ‘witch hunts’. it is a true and accurate list, it even has the dates and how they were killed. It is very sad to read through all the names, as some were just children. This is striaght from the site, an introduction to the names :
    It has been seriously maintained by some that there were no real “witch hunts” as such in history, and that such things could never have happened. This is a manifest untruth, just like the assertion that the killings of Jews and others in Hitler’s Germany never happened.
    The following are all documented incidents in the killings of “witches.”
    ONLY incidents solely relating to witchcraft accusations have been included.
    The following site also has a list of people killed because of witch auusations, alon with two other interesting factual stories (which is on witchway, along with yet another list of tragic names) :
    Bloody Mary, along with The Bell Witch and Blair witch are two very common legends. Along with the true legend of Joan Of Arc (found of the witchway site i gave. On it you can also find information about the witchhunt of 1692, and the Inquistion sent to kill them.)
    Here are some legends from http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/witch.html:
    The Witches’ Revenge
    Germany, J. G. Th. Grässe
    Many years ago a night watchman in Schwerte was courting two sisters at the same time, but without being serious about marriage. Each of them asked him about this several times, but to no avail. Therefore at last they got together and swore revenge against him. Now both of these sisters were witches. One night when the night watchman was lying in bed there came a knock at his window. When he opened it, the two of them took hold of him, picked him up, and carried him high into the air. At first they wanted to throw him into the Ruhr River, but they reconsidered and set him, entirely naked, at the top of a tall tree where he was found half dead the next day.
    These are the titels to the myths on the first site given below which is actually the one also mentioned directly above):
    The Witches’ Revenge (Germany, J. G. Th. Grässe)
    Frau Trude (Germany, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm)
    Two Eyes Too Many (Germany, Carl and Theodor Colshorn)
    The Witch of Treva (England, Robert Hunt)
    Ridden by a Witch (Germany, August Ey)
    The Dark Daughter of the Norse King (Scotland, John Gregorson Campbell)
    The Witches’ Excursion (Ireland, Patrick Kennedy)
    The Trip to the Brocken (Germany)
    The Witch Ride (Germany, Adalbert Kuhn)
    The Witch That Was Hurt: Migratory Legends of Type 3055. This link will take you to a separate file.
    Related links.
    Anyway i have provided the following sites for different legends and myths revolving witchcraft and mythology. the only other thing i can suggest is to go to your local library and talk to a person who works there about witch legends and accusations and such. any library worker worth their salt should help you and you should be able to left with your arms full and learning more than you could ever wish to know. You could also try search different search engines with different phases all concerning what you are looking for. You will get a wealth of information beyond your imaginings. Good luck to you and your quest.
    “To thine own self be true”
    A Good Supersititions site about witches :
    Some more sites :


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