Home Discussion Forum Any good references for Feng Shui that is reasonably easy to understand?

Any good references for Feng Shui that is reasonably easy to understand?

I would like to apply the principles of Feng Shui to my home and the flower garden. The information I am finding is very confusing. Is there an introductory book or web site that will help me understand this?


  1. fengshui has no principles, at its core are the fengshui methods/ formulas/ techniques – they are listed in the fengshui article in wikipedia.org under combining techniques.
    in my experience, the only way to learn chinese fengshui is to learn it from a fengshui master or a friend who knows some fengshui technique/s. there are a couple of books written by ms. lillian too and by ms. eva wong. but each of their books only explains 1 method, and they did not include the secret or real use of these methods.
    i don’t think that there is a book or website out there that don’t sell something and explains all methods of fengshui. i am not aware of such a thing.
    do fengshui by trial and error. move into a new house, then if you experience some unnecessary expenses or accidents or bad things happening, then it means that you need to move. if good things happen about 2 weeks onwards from the time you moved into the house, then the house has good fengshui for you.
    if a house has a bad fengshui for a person, it does not always mean that it will be bad for everybody else.

  2. Feng Shui is not an easy subject to master. This is why there is not a book currently available that explains Feng Shui in an easy to use manner.
    My best advice for you, I do not know where you live, is to see if there is a Feng Shui seminar or course offer in your area. It is much easier to learn from a “live” person rather than from a book or website. This is because you can ask questions and clarify any confusion you might have.
    The other advice I have for you is to keep focus. There are many different types of Feng Shui. Right now if you do an internet search you will come across Black Hat Sect Feng Shui (a.k.a Western Feng Shui) and Compass Feng Shui.
    I recommend the use of Compass Feng Shui which includes Flying Star Feng Shui and Eight Mansion Feng Shui. However, do not forget about Landform, which is the most important. Landform Feng Shui looks at the surrounding landforms your property is located. Two of the most important concepts from Landform Feng Shui are the Water Formulas and the Four Guardians.
    Good luck on your journey.


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