Home Discussion Forum Any good meditation that promotes good mood and easy going feelings?

Any good meditation that promotes good mood and easy going feelings?

I need tips on how to find peace and an easy going ness. I worry too much. I stress outover everything. I want to be hypnotised in to a paridise.


  1. i do things that make me happy like going to the movie which i love doing and i change the channel of my thought.
    You wouldn’t watch a channel if you don’t like what their showing right?
    so inset of thinking about the thing that is upsetting me i simply change my thought and think about what is my goal for next year or where i will like to travel too. inset of upsetting myself.
    one the thing also that i do is that i tell myself that I AM IN LOVE WITH MYSELF AND I CAN’T LET THIS AND THAT MAKE ME MAD OR WORRY. i say i am too good to abuse myself and when i think like that i get the power to do anything to have a great day today and tomorrow and until i died.
    I don’t to upset myself and i won’t that’s it.
    you should try.
    the thought we hold on to are the thought we attract the most.
    if you think about a guy or girl you like you will get more of that thought in your heard and
    if you hold the thought of not liking someone, or things you don’t want, you will attract more of that thought to yourself.
    everything will be that I DON’T WANT AND I DON’T WANT.
    if you say I WANT AND I WANT it’s what you will get from your thought.
    I suggest you change the channel of your thought and think about something that you thinking about it make you feel good and happy inset.

  2. BREATHE!!!! relax!!! take deep breaths..inhale and exhale at slow rhythm. you might want to do some exercice either aerobics, dance class (any like salsa, jazz, hiphop, tango, etc..), or even YOGA. Meditate and buy incense, let it burn, put on relaxation/meditation music (indian style is great (indian from india)) and close your eye and say “Om” it always helps relieve stress. For the incense buy lightweight censes like lavender, or jasmine or something like that….lavender is proven to be relxaing…buy some tea (lavender again or something similar to it) that usually always gets you to relax…or even buy a lavender essentiel oil and/or calendula massage oil is good also as well as arnica massage oil (these 2 massge oils have been proven to help heal injuries, pain and help decontract the muscles by “warming them up” kinda like stretching….)
    (go easy with it) after your shower put some on and evey muscle in your body will decontract and the lovely odor of it will make you love it!!!
    To sum up a bit, meditation, doing yoga, stretching/dancing, listening to relaxing music, burning incense, taking a abth/shower etc… are good ways of to relax. these are harmless and good for you. they are all natural , no chemicals involved. Practice the breathing, it is very important to inhale and exhale properly (while doing exercic as well evidently), take in deep and release. It’s like contracting and releasing your muscles when you are stretching. it is also proven that exercice helps relieve stress and stimulate motivation etc….

  3. I can really help you.
    I have a lot of great articles I can link you to that tell you about all diffrent kinds of meditations. I will send you my favorites.
    Once your on the web-site do a search because there are a ton of articles on this subject.
    Good luck in your search.


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