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Any good ideas how to deal with a nasty neighbor?

I live in an upstairs apartment. My next-door neighbor is a cranky old hippy broad, and for reasons unclear to me she just hates me. I think maybe she’s jealous because my plants look nicer than hers, I’m younger and thinner, and I have a boyfriend. She intentionally bangs something loud on my bedroom wall in the middle of the night once or twice to wake me up. She leaves nasty notes on my porch for things so minor most people would overlook them. Talking to her about her “issues” is not an option, she is very non-confrontational ~ aka~ she’s nasty to me in sneaky, indirect ways. The biggest thing that pisses me off is the banging on the wall in the middle of the night.
I already do a few things to get back at her on her own level. I have a very loud old-school alarm clock with the bells on the top, I set it for early, early in the morning and let it go off next to the wall that has her bedroom on the other side. When she’s home sometimes in the afternoon or evening I’ll do the typical rude neighbor thing and play music with a good bass beat really loud. But I really don’t like doing that much because it affects all the apartments that are near mine, not just her. I have thought maybe to put something sweet/sticky in an inconspicuous area near her window and/or balcony to attract ants, but haven’t tried that yet. I’ve also thought to turn the cold water on and off in my tub when she’s in the shower to make her water temperature go up and down. I think she’s done this to me a few times.
Usually I’m quite considerate of others and keep the “good karma vs. bad karma” thing in mind. But this mean old broad has made it very clear that dealing with problems like civilized adults is not an option for her. Anyone have any good ideas of things I could do? Dont make it TOO horrible, I dont want to get kicked out… she’s been here much longer than me. I just want her to stop being a pain in the butt.
“eyJude” ~ I dont mean to sound rude, but if I wanted an answer like that I would’ve asked my mom >:P I’ve already tried being nice to my neighbor and it didn’t work. At the beginning of the year I gave her a nice calendar~ she took it like I was handing her a flaming bag of dog poo. If I made her cookies she’d either throw them back in my face or feed them to the raccoons. The “sweet” treatment will not work with this person.


  1. bring a screwdriver with you and slowly take one screw or bolt out of somthing that is hers every day
    i like the shower and alarm clock.
    it is too bad that you cant get in her house
    mabey pour weed killer in her plants just a little everyday
    send her an annonymous paint balloon in the mail
    leave glass bottles under her car

  2. it won’t go away until ONE OF YOU GROWS UP AND STOP BEING PETTY.
    You can’t complain about her unless you are doing nothing to keep the feuding going.
    The best thing for this kind of situation is to make her some cookies and take them over to her.
    You get more flies with sugar than vinigar…
    why dont you try the sweet approach???
    you go out of your way to accomodate a friend …. never an enemy.

  3. This is a simple fix…
    1. Take fresh dog crap from yard
    2. Using paper towel or kleenex, pick it up and smear it either under her door handle on the DRIVER side door of her car, or on the handle for her apartment that faces INTO the hallway (so when she comes out, she grabs it without thinking to close the door)
    Punch her in the face

  4. Report her to the landlord….as many times as it takes!
    you doing things in retaliation will only keep her going.
    most places take tenant reports very seriously.
    just because she has been there a long time is not a issue.
    especially if she has nothing to report back.. on you.
    kill em with kindness…..it puts a smile in your heart
    and you are right….Karma

  5. get a dozen eggs and sit them out on your balcony for a week or so until they are really rotten. go out to her car in the middle of the night, crack the eggs and pour them down into the air vent right in front of the windshield. whenever she turns on the air conditioning in her car, it will smell like rotten eggs.

  6. Definitely report her to the property manager. Try to act as pitiful and pathetic a victim as you can for sympathy.
    As for retaliation, I’ve always been a fan of doing things that can’t be pinned back on you.
    Anonymous pizza orders are always a winner in my book. Make sure you block your number when you call, many places can track it. And of course, give them someone else’s number, like a laundromat or grocery store. Also, don’t order 50 pizzas, keep it at 3 with reasonable toppings. You want the delivery guy to actually get to her place. While not intially funny, by the fifth time its hilarious.
    If she keeps banging on the wall, just bang right back, really loud, and yell obscenities. That will either scare her into not doing it, or cause her to do something that will get her into trouble.


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