Any good books for…?

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Anything dealing with chakra or…self healing?
I’m not sure what I’m trying to say but if you think you understand, I’m looking for personal experience.
Like, you’ve read the book.

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Ever tried the Ringing Cedars Series?
by Vladimir Megre
there all very uplifitng books, and touching.
The first book is called Anastasia,
she makes you want to change and become better
read them it will truly change you.
happy reading:)

C: VeGGiE rUnnEr C:

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
It is a wonderful book that will make you see the world in a postively, better way and it will make you abhor silence.
Here is a summary:
Hope you read it.

Newt Rui

I read some of your good books!
Could you please feed me more on power of connectivity

i <3 reading/jacks mannequin!

all of sarah dessen’s books are really touching. the characters seem real, and they have realistic problems, and eventually, they come out okay, no matter how bad the trouble they were in was. speak is also a good book, its kinda like a shorter version of Just Listen, but less detailed and in a different style.
i hope this helps a bit! 🙂


What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day-Pearl Cleage
Brothers and Sisters-BeBe Moore Campbell
The Chosen-Chaim Potok
Tears of a Tiger-Sharen M. Draper


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