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Any CHRISTIANS have any answers to this?

My husband and I were once involved in the youth group in out church (1999-2001).
There were a few young ladies that have stuck with us as they grew. One in particular is now involved in wiccan religion. I confronted her on this online and she has pretty much been rude about it. I threw some scripture her way hoping it would awaken the dangers of what she is involved in. In addition, she stated she has held a grudge against me because of it.
Three nights ago. I was sitting in my living room and noticed something strange. I began to take photos. Yes 2 different things came up one was peaceful and clear, one was red and with form.
Do you think because of her involvement with spiritual darkness and me in mind could have caused this?
I’m not afraid because I know the Lord protects me, my family and my home.
I think if it was from her… God only allowed to occur before me to make me more aware of what she is indeed involved in. Does that make sense?
Do I just avoid her, confront her, what?
whatever, be rude if you want… I’m only trying to ask those who have experienced things like this.
If you have not or have no concept of it then don’t bother to leave a comment!
She moved away after she turned of age… I just saw her online and wanted to say hi… that’s all.
How do I put the pic on here?


  1. I feel so sorry for religious people.
    … and… if you want to “help” people, you could try being a friend, rather than “throwing” scriptures at people.

  2. Wow… you pissed this chick off with your arrogant attitude toward her own spirituality, and now you feel guilty about it…
    Guilty enough to think that evil spirits have cursed you.
    How christian, indeed.

  3. maybe, but like you said, The Lord protects you.
    Question: Why would you talk to her online, where she could defend herself as you cannot see her body language and the way she truley feels, or how you truley feel?
    Why would you throw scriptures at her. You never know if deep down she knows that what she is doing is wrong, and telling her that she is wrong is something that she would never want to hear.

  4. I doubt that it was because of her. Satan doesnt need her to do evil. If you are saved you have nothing to worry about. Go to a Christian bookstore, get some oil and Bless your house. Then pray about it. Nothing is impossible for those who believe! You do not have to worry about that. Just lean on Jesus. I will pray for you.

  5. If it worries you, call your Church pastor and ask him to bless your house.

  6. Yes the lord will protect you. I think you will only be affected as much as you let it. You would be suprised how much is just in your head bc your scared instead of whats real. But if there is something evil nothing can hurt you wit the lord on your side just keep praying

  7. well its possible satan can do alot of things…
    if you really do follow Christ i would’nt worry about it too much
    if you dwell on it you’ll give it power over you.

  8. one of the major rules in wicca is “harm none” as they believe in the rule of three……..your just imagining things due to your guilty conscience over not being a very good friend and mentor.

  9. avoiding her will not help.
    confronting her will not help either.
    Be a friend. If all she gets from you is scorn and judgement she will sever all ties. If you maintain a respectful friendship she will know where to turn when she is ready.
    And I would apologize if you offended her.
    Its one thing to preach truth, its another to do it with any type of arrogance.
    When you preach she should feel your love and concern, not any kind of judgement.

  10. Well, I have done a bit of everything. I was taught by a neighbor who claimed to be a witch when I was in my teens. She told me that if someone sent out a spell to another who had a good spirit and positive attitude; that the spell sender would get it back 7 fold.
    I don’t know if it’s true or not but I thought she was pretty credible.

  11. Am sorry about all the meanness, sister :o(
    I think all you can do is cover yourselves in prayer. Psalm 91. We can’t know whether it’s from her, and going up against a principality very much opens you up to spiritual attack, so “confronting” her probably isn’t the best, or kindest, thing to do… especially not if she’s been harboring some anger. Just be her friend, if and when she needs it. If she’s becoming angry, only the Lord can bring her peace. Prayer, prayer and more prayer. You’re covered by the blood of Christ – no spiritual attack can harm you.
    God bless you very much. xxx

  12. Involving in such dark practices can be dangerous. Many say there’s nothing to it, but if you read the Bible you’ll see a lot of disembodies spirits, evil powers, demons, fallen angels, etc.
    I’m not sure what thing you are talking about that came up. But what you could do is just pray and be in the Lord. When the Lord is there protecting you, no evil power can do anything to you. In fact those powers actually fear you because you have the Lord, the Creator of the universe dwelling in your spirit.
    You can upload the picture in another website and paste the link here

  13. What were you inhaling or smoking that night?… Relax… I’m kidding!!!! The Bible is full of stuff like that!
    1 Samuel 19 24 He* (*King Saul) STRIPPED OFF HIS ROBES and also prophesied in Samuel’s presence. HE LAY THAT WAY ALL THAT DAY AND NIGHT. This is why people say, “Is Saul also among the prophets?”* (*at that time, all the prophets of God must have been high on something and going around naked to achieve the greatest impact on people! King Saul must have taken an extra dose, too. That’s how he was recognized as another of the elite prophets of God! This is the honest “naked truth” in the Bible!)
    2 Samuel 6:14, 20-23 * David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might… [20] When David returned home to bless his household, Michal daughter of Saul came out to meet him and said, “how the king of Israel has distinguished himself today, DISROBING IN THE SIGHT OF THE SLAVE GIRLS of his servants as any vulgar fellow would!”* (*Michal knew that “dancing before the LORD” was BULL SH*T!) David said to Michal, “IT WAS BEFORE THE LORD* (*King David was hallucinating that The LORD pleasures himself watching a man dancing naked before him!)… I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes* (*how kinky can King David get?). But by these SLAVE GIRLS you spoke of, I will be held in honor.”* (hey, was King David trying to impress “The LORD”? or was he trying to catch the eyes of these SLAVE GIRLS???) And Michal daughter of Saul* (* this is the King Saul who prophesied naked among the prophets before the LORD) had no children to the day of her death.
    Read the whole story in full CONTEXT* (*Fundie catch phrase!) by yourself! The lesson in the Bible is that no wife can complain about any husband dancing naked exposing his genitals before some slave girls and the LORD! …or he is bound to stop having sex with her until she dies! Thank God she can still become a lesbian… there is no damning of lesbians anywhere in the Old Testament…!!!
    This is about the longest sustained hallucination that anybody ever experienced in the Bible! You don’t have to say anything… just go about your daily chores totally NAKED and let your athletic body speak for itself!!!
    Isaiah 20:2-3 (KJV) At the same time spake the LORD by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, Go and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins, and put off thy shoe from thy foot. And he did so, walking NAKED and barefoot. And the LORD said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked NAKED AND BAREFOOT THREE YEARS for a sign and wonder upon Egypt and upon Ethiopia;
    This is one of God’s ways of speaking “in sundry times and in diverse manners”— Hey, Christians got themselves a God that excels in refinements! They picked this Naked Prophet writings about an alleged “virgin birth” for God the Son Immanuel Jesus Christ!
    Micah 1:8 Because of this I will weep and wail; I will go about barefoot and NAKED. I will howl like a jackal and moan like an owl. (Praise the LORD! Sweet Jesus…!!!)
    Kids in public school can now read the Bible as another literature book… Has anybody thought of setting up a rating system for the Bible to make sure that nobody starts playing the God’s naked prophet game in school while shooting drugs… especially, with girls watching…??? Sometimes kids in school use much sillier excuses to misbehave in a more horrific way…

  14. A brief investigation into Wicca would show you that there is no “spiritual darkness” involved in that worship. This being the case, I would suggest that what you saw was something natural that your mind blew up into something “strange”. Of course you could post the photo’s you took, and perhaps we could better analyze the images.
    You say she became “rude” about your confronting her? Does it surprise you that she might respond negatively when someone has the uninvited arrogance and effrontery to attempt to discredit her religion using their own? It doesn’t surprise me at all. Considering how I’ve seen people in this forum react when their beliefs are challenged or called into question, I’m surprise her reaction wasn’t even MORE hostile. But then Wiccans are by and large a LOT less hostile than other worships.

  15. Anything that is not of God is from the devil. She can cast spells through the father of lies. Just remember to wear the armor of God at all times. Above all continue to pray for her.

  16. …if you have a moment: go outside with a sheet of paper, ball it up in your hand and throw it against a brick wall…
    …this is a symbolic representation of what it is like when a witchcraft spell is thrown at a person who is strong in the Christian faith

  17. you vile woman. Leave her be as it is IMMENSELY rude to criticize a person for believing something other than your imaginary god. I would hold a grudge against you too if I were her. This is why I dislike christians so much. You all are (for the most part) Immensely rude. She doesnt throw her religion in YOUR face! wouldn’t you think she was rude if she was trying to convert you to her beliefs? You have NO idea what the truth is, SO DONT PRETEND THAT YOU DO!! You are the rudest person I have ever met and I hope you realize that, and will change your EVIL ways!

  18. Tammy…. If your attending a strong bible based Church… I would consult with my pastor about it. Also , I am glad you know enough not to be afraid of whatever this is …You are a child of the most high king… For the time being until speaking to your pastor I would just pray for her binding all forces of darkness in Jesus name…Hope that helped….God bless you !
    Isaiah 54:17
    New King James Bible
    17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
    And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
    You shall condemn.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
    And their righteousness is from Me,”
    Says the LORD.

  19. If I were in your shoes I would take some anointing oil (it does not matter what kind of course – it is a symbol) – and pray over
    my house and anoint the doorways, corners, windows, etc.
    and pray and read scripture (even aloud) each evening for
    a week or two. Also sing hymns out loud if you are accustomed to doing that or worship songs. If you know
    how to do prayer warfare effectively, do that, especially for
    the young woman you are discussing. It is very very effective.
    “The effective, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much!”
    I would probably not contact her, but if you run into her,
    just be friendly and perhaps say you have been praying
    and maybe she will understand what that is about because
    of what you have been doing! The Holy Spirit is our
    councilor and comforter and will lead you on what to
    pray and command specifically.
    I hope that helped. I have a bit of experience in these
    types of matters – in a different way though.
    Yes, this can help you grow in the Lord a lot!

  20. I am a Christian, but my best friend is Wiccan.
    I doubt the young girl called a malevolent spirit to you unless she is not truly Wiccan. Wicca is by and large a peaceful religion as evidenced by their rede “An it harm none, do what ye will” and their belief in the Law of Threefold Return which states that whatever malevolent (or benevolent) act you do will return to you in threefold.
    My friend (and I know others in her coven) are always very tolerant of other religions and, in fact, we talk about our 2 religions often. I don’t try to “convert” her, though I love her dearly, that is for the work of the Holy Spirit. Though she says she still believes in God, she chooses to worship Him differently.

  21. The typewriter-looking thing from which you typed your question is a computer keyboard. It, as well as the computer, was created in the 20th century. We’re now in the 21st century. Or at least I think we are.
    It is difficult to take so many of you seriously when you believe in this type of supernatural phenomena.

  22. this might get long but anyway…..Just as God is real so is evil and evil things and beings have power. The good thing about that is that God has more power. I believe that the thing you saw first was of God and because you and your family are so close and in tune with Him when you pray for protection of your family that is exactly what he does. We do not always get to see it like you did but it happens. Like a wreck that you never were involved in because you just happen to go another way. In your case you actually saw the peaceful being show up before the evil being. The peaceful thing you saw protected your house before the evil figure could even begin to harm it. How long did it stay??? There is no way for a demonic spirit to dwell where God is for long.

  23. I think you’re probably suffering from some kind of mental illness. Have you been to a doctor about this?
    To the other Christians who responded: it does no-one any good for you to encourage her. She needs medical help, not enablers. When you suggest that her delusions are real, you make it that much more difficult for her to get the help that she needs in time. Have a little respect, okay?

  24. Don’t go shoving your beliefs down anyones throat. You’re not ‘god’ so you don’t have the right. 😀
    ….or the proof.

  25. Tammy are you a Troll?
    You are a not very Christian person. You do not love others as yourself do you. remember thou shalt not suffer a witch to live is OT not NT

  26. I certainly agree with Central NY Guy.
    Pray for her. Know she can’t touch you. I cannot say what it was you saw, but I do know these things are real.
    As far as I am aware, she has no real power of any kind. We know who does.
    Holding a grudge is bad enough. What she is entangled in may require fasting as well as prayer.

  27. this doesnt sound ok, the best you can do is see a doctor and tell him/her what you saw/experienced.
    seeing things that are not there can ( but doesnt have to be ) be a mental illness. good luck

  28. I am sitting here, shaking my head sadly…
    You say you were involved in this young person’s life for three years…and that she “stuck with you” as she grew…
    And yet, you didn’t know that she was involved in Wicca??
    Perhaps God has not called you to be a youth leader.
    You “confronted” her, and online, no less?
    Perhaps God has not called you to be a youth leader.
    You “threw some scripture her way”??
    Perhaps God has not called you to be a youth leader.
    And now, you think that this kid has sent evil spirits to your house???
    OK…I honestly don’t think that God has called you to be a youth leader.
    I am a Christian mom and grandmother who has survived seven teenagers and the Insane Clown Posse….
    My seven kids have grown up and produced children of their own…
    I am proud to report that they are all good Christians, and good parents, in spite of my parenting…probably because I spent an awful lot of time on my knees while they were growing up.
    Today, I keep a houseful of kids of all ages…from six through to about 20….this is where they gather, and I have become a sort of “Christian youth leader” by default.
    Believe me, I was not seeking this post. If God chooses to name someone else for the position, it would be fine with me.
    But, amazingly, it’s working out…
    Again, I figure that it’s gotta be all the time I spend on my knees.
    It certainly isn’t my great talent…
    It certainly isn’t my “wisdom” or the shining example I set for them.
    It can only be God…
    Ministering to youth is a very challenging and exhausting responsibility. I have often wondered why anyone would knowingly volunteer for the position.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids, and I am pleased to be a part of their lives…
    But believe me, it definitely wasn’t my idea.
    Trust me, you aren’t ready to deal with our youth…

  29. Well? She wasn’t a Christian when she went to your Church. She was in a pre salvation state. She made the choice to not confess Jesus Christ her Lord & Savior while believing in her heart He raised from the dead.
    So? She went into rebellion. Rebellion is the same as witchcraft
    I would also to encourage you as teacher. That God has a high calling for you. Don’t let the sarcastic answers discourage you. Remember that it doesn’t matter what other think. Those who we depended on before who have cut us off from their life are still important. But not as important as the Lord who will never cut us off. He is the one who calls us to minsitry. And as your ministry calling is something like teacher. So? Ask Jesus what direction He Is calling you to. I have, & Jesus has called me a leader & a teacher also. And that is mostly for my grandchildren & children today. And I believe you did the right thing to warn this person. But really, seek Jesus for direction. His direction is the most important. What other people do to take away your calling or your blessing is none affect. If you trust & obey God.
    You did the best you thought you could to warn her. But she tore you. She is being a dog. When you try to give them what is holy, they will tear you. And that is the sarcasm. The reason why this hurts you, is because she is important to you. But you need to walk in forgiveness.
    And of course she has cursed you. Wishing & speaking ill to a person or about a person is a curse on that person. And so you saw something peculiar & felt it was demonic. So took pictures. And so there were also your guardian angles fighting the evil demons. So? You are protected, but you need to take authority over every curse. As soon as you feel anxiety, submit to God in prayer. Ask God if this was a curse. Also, imagine a boomerang head your way, dipped in Gods love, & returned to sender. This is blessing those who curse you. And the blessing overcomes the curse.
    When we submit to God, resist satan,satan runs away. So also any curse will also. When we bless those who curse us, we are submiting to the Word of God.
    And if the demonic spirit reminds you of someone, it usually is oppressing that someone. Since this spirit reminded you of this lady. So, I have also prayed in Jesus Name to bind the demon in weights & throw it into the abyss to wait until judgment day. Why wait till Jesus returns? And to not return to you & yours or to the person it reminded you of.
    By the power of Jesus Name.
    Also, after reading all the negative answers. Jesus told us, “Rejoice & be exceeding glad, for great is your reward when you are persecuted for righteousness; for so they also persecuted the prophets before you.”. And when you had spiritual eyes to see this, You may be gifted prophetically also.
    Also, we aren’t suppose to give what is holy to the dogs or to give our pearls to swine. So? We need to obey God first in this. But I understand your attempt to reach out. I have been guilty of doing this when I shouldn’t have. So ended up with wounds that don’t always heal right away. So? Today, I ask God for the OK in my spiritman first (most the time). One friend was sick & I wanted to pray for her with other sisters in faith. We wanted to visit her to pray for her healing. I prayed with my sister in faith first. And she said we wanted a clear sign that this person wants us to pray for her. Because I had felt uneasy about it. Well, the next day, my sick friend called me up & yelled at me, saying I said stuff I didn’t say & and also said she didn’t want me to email her or call her anymore. So? Since then, when ever I thought of her, I thanked God for answered prayer & asked if I could send her an email, & the Lord always tells me, “No.”.
    But my friend & I did agree in prayer for her healing before she cut me off from her life.

  30. Well, spiritual warfare is real and you need to pray and fast. It is important to remove from your home anything that would allow an “open door” to have demon harass you and your family as well as confess all sins–unforgiveness, etc. as unconfessed sins are an open door for the enemy to attack in many ways.
    You can use olive oil–pray over it and use it to annoint your entire property line and each doorway, lintel, window, and each room–praying over each for God to reveal to you any open doors and any cursed items in your home–and that God’s Spirit and Peace reside with in your home.
    I am glad God revealed this to you. Putting up written scriptures in each room and asking for God to remove all evil from your home, property and persons is of utmost importance. Many christians never realize we are in spiritual warfare. Your fight is not with this young woman–your fight is not against flesh and blood.
    Let the Lord direct whether or not to have contact with her. Only God knows if she can be reached through you or not but pray for her salvation and repentance–that her eyes are opened to the very evil that she is serving.
    I don’t believe your mind caused any photo like this. I really believe, just as the Bible states, that we are in warfare against evil forces and need to use the weapons of our warfare which are not carnal.
    Just as we are not fearful of many things–we still do what we know to do is right. I am not fearful of theives–but I lock my doors, I am not fearful of starving to death–but I make sure I have food in my pantry, I am not fearful of getting sick–but I wash my hands and eat properly.
    The same is true of spiritual warfare–we do not have to be fearful to simply dedicate our properties and possession to the use of God and pray for protection of all He has given us. This is simply common sense for the dedicated Christian.

  31. G-d does not protect you when you hate. If she is Wiccan then she wouldn’t bother with your petty hatred. You are the one involved with the darkness. Wiccan’s believe in “three-fold return” look it up and you might not seem so ignorant. Grow up and practice your beliefs instead of gossiping and judging everyone around you because of their beliefs.
    Peace be with you “anyway”


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