• I don’t believe in rebirth and I don’t disbelieve it either. I just don’t know what happens.

    I don’t know exactly what you mean regarding practicing the dhamma. Personally, my practice is very simple. I’m concerned with the day to day type things.

    I can’t say that I am an authority on categorizing what is and isn’t Budhist. In my opinion, if you practice zazen on a regular basis, you are Buddhist. So I would say that not believing in anything that’s considered to be universally believed to be Buddhist shouldn’t make any difference in calling a person a Buddhist. If he does zazen, he’s Buddhist.
    Of course, being called Buddhist is of no importance to me. I don’t believe in plenty of Buddhist beliefs and I don’t understand lots of the teachings. If someone wants to say I’m not Buddhist, that doesn’t matter at all, to me. I don’t even care if I call myself a Buddhist.
    To summarize, I just spent two paragraphs to say “Its doesn’t matter”.

  • What are you liberating yourself from and what destiny are you taking control of if there is no rebirth? What Buddhism is there to practice in this case?

    If there is no rebirth, then there is no consequences to our actions. Everything we do in this life, we could care less about because it won’t affect our next life since there won’t be a next life… everything just suddenly comes to a sudden halt. Since your desires remain upon your death, yet you don’t reborn, then you’ve completely thrown out the reason why this material world exists in the first place. Your desires and attachments remain, so you come back and continue to manifest material existence. So if your continued attachments and desires do not cause a NEXT life, then how can your desires and attachments give rise to thought and life in the first place? Your disbelief is already illogical and unprincipled, yet you believe in your unprincipled disbelief.

    You also imply in your beliefs, everything we do in this life, reaps results in THIS life since the causalities cannot wait for a next life. Everything must finish in this life (such a linear perspective don’t you think?) However, as we all obviously know, not all of our current causes bring effects in this life. So weighing in this FACT, if you do not believe in rebirth, then not every cause has effect…

    only some causes have effects, while other actions don’t produce results. Can you explain or defend this principle?

    One might say, YES– some seeds you plant into the soil don’t grow. Then I say, a poorly developed seed was the cause of a seed that won’t grow, thus cause-effect established. In addition, planting a bad seed into the soil also brings the effects of 1) one less plant to sell, 2) no growth, 3) one less fruit to feed someone, 4) wasted water, 5) etc. etc. etc.

    If you do not believe in rebirth, then karma no longer makes sense. Then cause-effect principles no longer apply. Then the need to become enlightened is useless. Then the need to become liberated/free is no longer necessary so you might as well eat more, sleep more, surf the internet more, and do whatever you like because in your world, there is no effect.

    So you tell me now, what Buddhism are you practicing? Better yet, what are you practicing and believing in?

    Buddhism is the study of living beings and the way things are. How can you study HOW THINGS ARE if you’re picking and choosing what’s right or wrong in Buddhism? If you’re so smart and enlightened to define HOW THINGS ARE, then you don’t need Buddha because YOU’RE THE BUDDHA. Imposing your limited ignorant views onto how buddhism should be in YOUR EYES, is merely arrogance and ego. You just can’t possibly be wrong–am I right? Buddhism is only right when it agrees with you, right?

    So when a 5th grade math student debates a calculus professor on calculus… telling the professor that calculus is a bunch of bullshit, you tell me again, what are you truly practicing.

  • I believed in reincarnation as a Gnostic Christian and since I’ve been studying Buddhism I’m closer and closer to tossing the entirety of Christianity out of my life.

    Yeshua(Jesus) teaches the same thing as Buddhism, but it’s so lost in the staggering amount of BS that few find it.
    Thankfully Buddhism is clearly available, like an owners manual for the living.

  • Buddhist really don’t believe in anything. It’s the direct experience of Nothingness that they are after, and belief or religion is a something.

  • Not Buddhist here but I really love Buddha’s teachings on peace.

    As for rebirth, not really but you can’t rule it out.

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