HomeDiscussion ForumAny body know about telepathy ????????

Any body know about telepathy ????????

Anybody send any message to someone far away telepathacly ?
Or had and telepathic experiences ?
How would you send a message to someone far away with telepathy ?


  1. In the past, I have had thoughts towards my sister, and she called me. I believe that in order to do these things, you have to really know the other person emotionally very well. It happens to me only with my sister and she has more or less the same sensibility to reach me. It is not anything I have learned anywhere and we are not twins either but on frequent occasions, we have both “connected” with our thoughts.

  2. I think of the brain as a radio station.
    When we have emotions they give out energy in the brain because of the neurons sending information to each other, so what if that energy went through the universe just as energy waves come from the sun?
    All through time there has been cases of telepathic experiences, but they have never been proved. But who knows, we only use 10 percent of our brain..
    Turth be told, I can’t help you with you’re question. And I think that there is no one here that can help.
    Try reading about rakki, and long distance healing, mabey that holds something.

  3. I am a telepath; however, like Hotel California I am programmed to receive only because of the nature of the ability derived from my brain amidst all of my experiences until now. In more layman’s terms, I do not know from whom I am receiving my information. The only way I could know is if I recognize the voice.
    If I were to give you some specific examples, religious people could easily confuse that for proof of “god’s” existence, because a potion of my past has been biblical.
    I’ll give it to you anyway. I’m iside my vehicle, slipping in and out of sleep when I hear a loud voice, “Would you please pray for my mom?” I recognized the voice as one of the church’s “local missionaries”, people who aren’t necessarily your friend but who tag along to test certain spiritual abilities, a topic that makes me wholly angry concerning churches and their inherently invasive techniques.
    To give you an FYI: we all have power and it isn’t religion that grants us this power but religion that drains us of that power. When we can drop all derived forms of religion in our brains and see another for who they actually are, we can see their power. Religion is the proverbial “Adamn and Eve” crotch-leaf that hides human power. christians call this sin.
    I decide to test the guy. I call him up and said, “The Lord told me to pray for your mom. Any requests?”
    “Just got some sniffles, is all..” he was extremely fast in his response.
    That didn’t amaze me like it would others because it has been happening for a long time. I just don’t appreciate the christian testing maneuver.
    In any case, to give you an example of HOW someone talks, it has to be similar to that of a compound fraction. For instance:
    1. 3/4 is a fraction because it has a numerator (N) and a denominator (D).
    2. 3/4 is a simple fraction in that the ND.
    Let’s say N = need and D = satiation
    If our need (N) is less than our satiation (D) then we won’t be so apt to have to speak; however, should we feel a need within ourselves that causes our mind to concern itself with ’emergency’ matters (all within as effort to return to “D”, or being satiated) we will sometimes echo that need.
    A person who might feel this way might base their entire reasoning off of something incorrect; therefore, in their worry and concern, they could send out a message with two characteristics:
    1. Sincerity
    2. Deceitful (although not intending to be)
    This is not to mean that someone can’t send out a message of insincerity. That happens but with the strongest and most experienced of people. I consider all my responses sincere because one could be a warning for me.
    Then there are messages received that reveal themselves only through time. These are the most perplexing, because I am of the opinion that only a derived form of ‘diety’ could send those. My theory of ‘diety’ is that, although amoeba-like in instinct, is largely female.
    How many sides are there to this equation? Too many to muster, mind you! A person could literally:
    *hear words that aren’t even meant to be for them
    *hear someone in need of assistance
    *see instead of hear, something
    *see and hear something
    *receive a mental idea of a voice without hearing a voice (“..it’s like I didn’t hear it, but it was placed in my mind the way it sounds..”)
    *sense emotions without hearing or seeing (this one is difficultinthat we immediately tend to associate those with ourselves. It is for this reason I theorize that this one happens most often)
    One of my employers has a paycheck they say they don’t have. The corporate office said they don’t have anything.
    Days later, I receive a mental image of a location within the workplace. I derived it as the location of my paycheck because I sensed thepaycheck had dirt on its envelope and had either fallen or was stuffed inside a closet area. What I cannot determine is if that picture was a form of astral projection or if it was sent to me or if someone was playing with their telepathic skills.
    In any point, I call up the store and mention the area. They return back with “I don’t see anything.” It may have to do with my lack of rapport with them, as a lot of people could act in ways counteractive to positive aural emanation. If it was a test, I would be inherently angry as I theorize this establishes a connection; one of which I can only hear.
    A woman I had been talking to sends me a phrase, “I’m not going to do what you want me to do.” She had a love interest and I never communicated with her any attraction. I didn’t push the issue. The answer was obviously that she was wrong. I wasn’t intending for her to do anything. End of story..
    Overall, the fact is that since we do not have the technology to completely understand this realm as of yet, it will remain a mysterious, and ‘paranormal’ behavioral pattern.
    If you want I can send you a message and you can get back with me if you heard it or not. I just need to know a few things: your credit card number, your.. just kidding.
    What city you live in is all. The less information a person has, the more chances for success in communication because it means they have less to personally manipulate. And noone is strong enough to keep from manipulating, in my opinion.

  4. You could do it too if you concentrated on it.
    Try an having an Out of Body Experience or an OBE and you will understand that phenomenon’s such as telepathy are simply our first or second energy body communicating in the physical universe.
    There are many dimensions to the universe, it’s been proven by a number of scientists including Einstein. Each dimension is simply a different frequency existing in the same space. The physical dimension is the out crust of the universe. If you travel inward toward the true energy frequency, you’ll find the truth behind your existence and realize that in the physical dimension, we occupy biological vehicles for a short time to learn through experience. Our “spirit” “soul” or simply our true energy bodies, are able to travel through a number of dimensions. Even the bible recognizes this when they say, “The seven heavens” They’re just talking about only 7 different energy dimensions of different densities operating on different frequencies. In those days they had no idea how to accurately explain OBE’s, so they just used the myths and stories as some sort of logical explanation. I mean, how else could they explain dimensional universal travel?! lol.
    What do you think ghosts are? Yes, stage 1 energy bodies trying to communicate to the physical universe. Telepathy is simply using your energy self to communicate with another energy body. We are all connected by unseen forces, you must recognize this.


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