Home Discussion Forum Any advice for a first timer in a yoga class?

Any advice for a first timer in a yoga class?

Im planning to start taking a yoga class.
What should I take and what should I wear?


  1. Wear a tank top or close fitting t-shirt & yoga pants (or jammie pants without elastic ankles). No socks are needed.
    Do not wear anything too loose fitting.
    You need a yoga mat as well & a bottle of water.
    I suggest you take an ibuprofen afterwards, the 1st time can be painful (but in a good way)

  2. comfortable knit top and bottom. yoga mat, you can purchase one at most sporting goods shops, I think I even saw one at Walmart.
    show up early so you can position yourself close to the teacher and therefore be better able to see what they’re doing.
    If you’re like me when I started yoga, and really up-tight about doing something you know nothing about in front of a room full of strangers, then buy or check-out from library a beginners yoga book to get an idea. …yoga will teach you to relax and not be so up-tight.
    p.s. i don’t eat too soon before yoga class because you tend to pass gas with all the relaxing and stretching (this is good, but can be embarrassing). just a tip.

  3. The mat: your feet will sweat, so make sure your mat is such that your feet won’t slip during your practice.
    The clothes: wear something comfortable, preferably loose and/or something that breathes
    Eating/drinking: don’t drink before or during practicing, as it can upset the stomach, but drink after wards so that the water can continue flushing out toxins. I wouldn’t eat before i do yoga–wait an hour and a half after eating before practicing.
    At home: no distractions, nice music, try an iTunes podcast for some video routines…that’s were i got mine. and they’re free!
    A class: if you’d like to do a class, investigate about the teacher. certificate? school? etc.

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