• Wow interesting! Everyday when we wake up in the morning and regain consciousness is a great gift given to us by God.. We must be thankful for the life he gave us.. Thanks for the video!

  • Wow, that’s a very convincing argument. If you’re trying to show superiority of your beliefs, wouldn’t you want to back it up with reason, instead of name-calling and cursing? Wouldn’t that be the less-moronic way?
    But then again, you couldn’t prove your position if you tried (and believe me, smarter people than you have). Read the second top comment.

  • If you think better your belief in spiritual mumbo-jumbo comes from the fear of death and denial of it. No offense…just speaking the truth.

  • People who believe in spirituality and other such mumbo jumbo are generally stupid so just educate yourself. You got plenty of arguments in this video on why there is no other side to consciousness.

  • As an educated person and a good, scientific mind, why don’t you conduct an experiment to back up your beliefs. Try this: have an attitude of faith. Ask Jesus to come into your life sincerely, and to show you the truth in him. Get familiar with God’s word, and experiment with the hypothesis that through faith, you can see God moving in your life.
    Add me as a contact and six months from now send me a message reminding me of this convo, and tell me about the changes that have occured in you -Best

  • Ok i will do as you say but i want you also to listen to my advice. According to science god and belief in gods is just a producd of human brain and nothing else. Please take a look at these two videos on and give me your comment on them. THX

    1) /watch?v=qIiIsDIkDtg

    2) /watch?v=1iMmvu9eMrg&feature=related

  • LOL! I really hope your statement was not meant to be taken literally, because that’s one of the most ludicrously stupid things I’ve ever heard – the consciousness creating the brain, not the consciousness being a product of brain. HA! I’m actually surprised no one pulled you over the coals about this earlier.

  • If God gave us free will, how can he have a plan, It would go all to shit. But if it didn’t go all to shit, that would mean that we don’t have free will, and we’re nothing more than puppets on strings. It’s a paradox buddy, a bunch of spooky nonsense that you were fed in order to keep you in line as a indentured servant. There is no such things as souls, ghosts, magic, or any other mysticism horse shit. It is simply not true. You may say, “it’s true for me!” but it’s still not true.

  • You are misguided. That is a false paradox. We do have free will, but there is a finite number of possibilities we can choose from. God holds all of these in the palm of His hand; He created them all! He is bigger than here and now, outside of all we know and yet able to transcend it. He is beyond paradox– He is INfinite. One common trait of people who ignore God is that they fail miserably at understanding Him, but can try HARD to mislead everyone else. but we can never fully understand Him.

  • First off, if God is what you just said he is, then he is a miserably horrible person. Because he is so powerful and does nothing to help stop the suffering. I understand your God well and if by some fluke that all the evidence is wrong and he is real then I can see why the one you call Satan/Lucifer/The Devil rebelled against him in the first place.

  • @ clintSevilla The ego isn’t a theory to be understood, it has been understood from literally thousands of years from observation of self. The wisest minds ever to exsist have all come to similar conclusions. There isle levels of consciousness that cannot be learned or studied,they must be experienced through exploration and discovery off your own timeless formless divinity, the connection with the source that all sentient beings share

  • Neuroscientists do not research love and freedom. They Are almost unscientific categories for them. Conscousness could be the connection, but we Are far from it.

  • How can you say that “we” fail to understand God, lecture us about it, and then say that no one can ever fully understand that very unlikely, if not impossible, being that no one has ever seen or heard, except for a handful of delusional people who obviously were either high or had a mild/severe neurological condition? If no one can understand that God, where do you get all your information about him? What have you got that we don’t? Did he talk to you too? You just “feel” his presence? FFS.

  • The 3 reasons why we are interested in the inner workings of the great unknown ( and by that I mean our minds) are 1. curiosity 2. Social and cultural understanding, and 3. providing medicine and treatment. I know I’m repeating what he said but these concepts should be said more often. Really interesting video.

  • choice. everything is a choice. And you cant understand God with just physical and and intellectual senses. most of it is spiritual. God is truth? if your open to truth and God is really well, real! then God is what youll find. at the moment humans have no authority to say whats real or whats truth. thats why we argue and war etc thats why you disagree with people. there is no point in arguing with people. tho we love to haha. humans feel threatened when thr beliefs are challenged. no point:)

  • no God tells us thats the consequence then we choose to condem ourselves just like we choose to not be condemned if we want. you can choose to jump off a bridge but you cant choose not to hit the ground and die. All God does is tell you hey if you stay on the bridge youll be fine but if you jump off youll die. now you choose. wouldnt you wanna know if you were gonna die? . he doesnt run down the cliff and strangle you himself. hes just rolling in the truth thats how He rolls.

  • God is choice. satan is no choice. God gives you info about the good and the bad and tells you to choose and what will happen with your choice. satan didnt want you to have any choice at all. some people say we choose EVERYTHING including sufffering. and to have choice you need choices. enter the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ now thrs a need for consciousness! with out pain there is no joy. without black there is no white but hey with out your complaints about God there could be no acceptance of him.

  • he also says to kill non believers, stone to death disobedient children, that its okay to sell your daughter into slavery, and thats its not okay to talk to women while their on their period. Do you follow the bible? no you don’t no one does

  • God doesn’t give you anything, other wise you wouldn’t have people like me saying that it’s all a crock. You also have your misinterpretation wrong, Satan wanted free will for the angels because he saw humans as lesser than him and his brethren. God said no, war in-sighted. Which raises all sorts of questions about just how powerful this fellow God is, but that’s another story. God also doesn’t want you to learn or do anything that doesn’t have his stamp of approval, disobedience goes to hell.

  • Doesn’t sound like a nice guy to me. But I could go on and on and on about this. You clearly don’t know what your talking about. Maybe you should actually read the bible and then you might understand why I say it’s a crock of shit.

  • I’m sure there is an overlap between neuroscience and psychology (it seems to me though that (someone’s) neurology is not as adaptable as (their) psychology), but I think the concepts of ego, id and superego are to do with certain personal and ineterpersonal motivations, and nothing to do with the brain (if so, only indirectly), saying this though, I am not trying to argue for the models validity.

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