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Anton Lavey (whos still alive) or Aleister Crowley,who is the most evil??

Bring out what you know about these guys, it will be interesting to see.
It is widely believed that Anton dies then yes, but my pastor knows his son (Jess) and Anton is alive and well in Germany as a tax exile and faked his own death. Most of his life was fakery, smoke and curtains, interesting though it is, (he denies Jess is his son by the way. ) But Jess has all the documents to proove otherwise.
Crowley is dead, yes, I know.


  • This was my question originally submitted to Yahoo and the facts are correct, I need not even debate as to wether anto is alive or not. He is. He resides in Germany.

  • I’d have to say Crowley. I see LaVey as an opportunist who saw his new religion as a money maker rather than as a true believer in his own nonsense.

  • I thought LaVey died a few years back. [edit: LaVey died October 29, 1997, according to Wikipedia.] Never mind: I know Crowley died just after I was born. Hmmmmm…

    Anyway, I don’t think the term “evil” applies to either one. Crowley loved referring to himself as evil, and I assume LaVey did, too. But the fact is, I think they were good examples of how to shake up the complacent, very intelligent men with a lot of understanding about human nature, and a very enlightened sense of humor.

    Also ones that did not feel sexual freedom was evil.

  • Y’know, I don’t think either of them are particularly evil. I think they both enjoy having people think they are, though.

  • They are both dead. Crowley was a christian goof. Anton LaVey was a brilliant man who created a religion about reality

  • LaVey died in 1997. Either way, neither was evil, Crowley was just a skilled huckster who was looking for fame, money, sex and power, and LaVey may actually have been sincere in his beliefs.

  • Crowley worshipped Satan believed he talked to Satan, lavey has a form of humanism that does not worship satan.

    Crowley is worse (relatively speaking)

    Coming from a Christian who knows who both are….

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