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Another Question About Auras?

Every time I look at someone’s aura, it’s blue and yellow, except for my teacher, who also has some green and a purplish blue instead of the usual blue. Is this because my auric vision is developing or do most people just have blue and yellow auras. Thanks! Also, don’t answer by saying that auras don’t exist. THEY DO!


  1. Yeah, no, auras don’t exist. If you’re seeing colors around people, either you’re staring at them for too long (retinal fatigue) or you have a vision problem. No amount of capitalization changes simple facts.

  2. Auras don’t exist, they are just an illusion, or a symptom of an illness.
    Maybe your teacher has unusual colored hair or is standing against a different type of background or with a different type of lighting which is why you have the illusion of her ‘aura’ being a different color to normal.
    Or perhaps it is just your imagination.

  3. Of course auras exist. If you have an understanding of physics, you know that any object that appears to be solid is actually a group of particles that are separated by mostly space. Every solid object is constantly gaining an releasing particles into the environment surrounding the object. This release of particles causes an aura of particles around every object.
    The type of aura that you seem to be describing is a bit different. It seems to be a field of energy surrounding living entities. Many people have reported the ability to perceive an aura, and some people have even reported physically seeing auras. I don’t believe that visible auras have ever been detected in laboratory experiments, but I don’t believe that there have been a great number of experiments around this phenomenon.
    Related to human auras, there is no reason that they would be isolated to a specific color. In fact, there are reports that the aura changes color with the health and mood of a person. So, if you are actually seeing auras, there is no reason that they would not only be different colors, but also that they would have different textures and different levels of activity. There are a number of sites online what discuss the meanings of different colors in auras, but I would recommend that you expolore the relationships between colors and auras on your own. Nothing definitive has been expressed about auras, and so, your impressions of auras and their meanings are as viable as anything on the internet. Trust your inistincts.


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