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Another poem? More on the matter of the subject? Can you hear me?

Subject Matter 2
by Koye Lott
Don’t take my kindness for weakness.
Don’t ever attempt to tell me
what I feel, unless you’ve traveled
through other minds on Sundays
and taken off on a Monday twice removed…
You have the right to remain silent,
and if you have nothing to say constructive
then your thoughts should be rolled up
like a sleeping bag until needed.
Don’t claim wisdom, or attempt to wear it
like a medal… you see….
For wisdom is not material, but spiritual
knowledge given over a lifetime of humility
and grace.
Some say, be the change you wish to see in the world.
I say, change the world you have built in you.
In short, dismantle your ego and set fire to your pride.


  1. Your 3rd stanza is my favorite. “For wisdom is not material, but spiritual…” speaks volumes. Nicely put.
    Thank you, Koye, for sharing your poem with me.

  2. ..a lot say that their pride will be the last thing that goes
    I believe it will be ego….for most.
    K, you write to right the minds of great men
    as well as help the young to see another opinion
    everyone can hear, I hope they listen well
    aways a fan

  3. Change the world
    but still blindness
    dragging the cross
    forgiveness, blessed
    what he did in his last hours
    tethered me forever

  4. OK….relax…….
    I feel your stress, and I don’t like it.
    Take a minite. Look back.
    There’s a small hand, reaching up and asking for help in the new steps she’s taking.
    You are here for a reason.


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