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Another astral projection question ?

Okay well 2day you know when ur awake but can’t move your body right..i think its called sleep paralysis, and i think when that happens then you can come out of your body i had 2 today but when i was paralysised or w/e i tried to think of coming out of my body and thought of floating but the paralysis would wear off and i couldn’t pull it off ..also ..i was kinda scared …

also can u hurt your self in the astral would like can i pick up stuff ..

please i need a real answer >.>
also! after preojecting how do u get back into your body
thanks mr anderson :)))


  • I am an author of a free e-book written about out-of-body experiences. The book covers all of your questions, and contains techniques etc you can try. I have been experiencing OBEs (both astral and etheric projection) all my life. The book is based on my own experiences, and a ton of information, and research that I have compiled over the years.

    http://www.spirit-quest.ca The link to the book is on the main page, near the top. It’s the featured book called Spirit-Quest: Journey Out-Of-Body

    hope you enjoy.

  • be careful..while astrally projected, the aliens can grab you and probe you. Strangely, 10% of abductees seem to like it,

  • You must recognize this while you are asleep, without fear you must imagine floating above your body. If you do this and see a silver umbilical cord, you made it. Now you can explore this sub-spacial dimension. walk through walls, fly into outer space, sit on the moon and look at earth. To return simply pull on the silver cord. You can’t hurt yourself and you don’t have special powers.

  • im also interested in astral projection, im not sure what exactly happened but i think just need more practice and u`ll be able to be in more control of things when it happens.. u can visit unexplained-mystries.net forums they`ll def help u with this more than me.
    good luck!

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