Another Aleister Crowley Question?

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what did Crowley say one could do in order to get in control of their will and perfect themself using magick? Or, how is magick used to get someone to perfect themself?

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Mark Anthony


Mizz SJG

Ritualistic Mumblings


He got the Easter Bunny to help.


He did go into various things, like becoming a “magister templi” and crossing the great abyss…my partner could tell you all about it but he pretty much laughs his *ss off at this forum. So I wish you good luck and send you my support. You are on the right track–try doing a search, wikipedia etc.


Crowley advocated knowing oneself and eliminating all that was contrary to the will and then persuing and developing all parts of the self that are needed to achieve the will.

Frau Hunter

answer: You may not get a lot of solid answers on Crowley in this forum. I haven’t seen a lot of ceremonial magicians here.
I’ll star this, perhaps some of the pagans might know.
Personally, I don’t see that Crowley perfected himself since he died in poverty and as a junkie. His teachings, however, do have some merit. Study, meditation, ritual and challenging one’s self were some of what he was teaching to advance one’s knowledge.

Seishiro H

I wish I could. H.P. lovecraft must be done.
In order to get in control of their will is far from magic, I presume.
it’s forgiven to only genuine Genius.

John W

So many misconceptions of Crowley in here. For starters, he did not die impoverished or a junkie. He had been clean for some time prior to passing away. He also lived in a little apartment that was quaint. While he did not have the resources of his younger years, he was definately not impoverished. As well, he was not a quack nor a nutbag. He definately was ousted by the Victorian society that he lived in but if you judge him by today’s standards, he was normal. He was a bi-sexual magician that liked drugs.
Anyways, his philosophy on magick was that we are either ruled by the animal self or the higher self and magick can help one rid themselves of the limited ego so that we can become one with our higher self, genius or HGA.
I am a Thelemite and have been for the last 9 years and most of the stories of him are pretty much unwarranted.

Stephen A

Well Uncle AL said many things on this subject I refer you to his ‘Magick, Theory and Practice”. I would also suggest you join our Crowley Group right here from Yahoo Groups entitled: “The Great Wild Beast Furtherment Society.” You can meet many other Uncle Al supporters there. I co-founded this group in 1973 in Berkeley Ca. Yes! It is true! I’m a Pagan Elder. The GWB is now a Pagan-Magickal Teaching Group now on the Internet. Manifesting Your Will is The Key to Perfecting Yourself as a Ritual Magickan. Uncle Al explains it all in his book. This maybe one of his best works. A must for all budding Ritual Magickans. I’m sorry I can’t say anymore at this time I need to get back to posting to my Pagan-Magickal Teaching Groups. Till our next encounter, 93!

Frater Pan

John W and Stephen A gave excellent answers already. It all boils down to this — attaining and doing your Will requires self-knowledge and discipline. The Magician perfects himself through discipline. The practice of Magick is all about discipline. Crowley recommended such disciplines as meditation, yoga, daily solar adorations, and daily banishing rituals. Set aside 45 minutes each day for ritual and meditation — it’s a start.


It is my understanding that (per Crowley and The Book of the
Law) it is to _Do Your “Will”_.
To “Do Your Will” requires (or is believed to require) the
Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA).
To attain the Knowledge and Conversation of the HGA you
would have to know and understand the practice of Ceremony
in all of its details. Then you have to apply it.
In the overall pactice of Western Hermeticism I think this is
referred to as “The Great Work”…but I might be mis-remembering.
Note that this is an active process and is (metaphoricly)
somewhat similar to “building a ladder to god” and is the
opposite (procedurally) of that of Mysticism.
Mysticism (more or less) seems to be a passive process of
“inviting god in” for a state of Union.


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