Another actor joins Huckabee's camp…..Do you think this is a good thing?





As a absentee voter in California I voted for Huck because I like what he has to say on the issues, and I take in account he has the moral outlook as a Christian to hurl in the USA to be prosperous with family values.
Stephen Baldwin.
Appearing recently on the Fox News Network, Baldwin said the nation is in need of a true spiritual awakening. “A big part of what’s wrong with the country is morals and values I think faith-based initiatives are going to help us get it back on course.”
Are -Faith based initiatives important to you?


  1. Huckabee is an ignorant homophobe, the only values he has are selfish and evil
    Faith-based initiatives are useless things that brianwash people

  2. What has Stephen Baldwin ever acted in? Does anyone know? I think celebrities end up hurting candidates. They end up getting more attention than really wanted.
    Faith based initiatives are important to me but not on a federal level. Separation of church and state is more important to me. “Render to Caesar…”. Churches have always done a lot of good in their communities and will continue to, with or without federal aid.
    Morals start at home. Maybe we should worry about parenting skills.
    God Bless.

  3. I’m a die-hard Hillary fan but having fundie Christians support a candidate make me 100% positive I won’t be voting for that candidate….

  4. Although I like that Stephen Baldwin has become a Christian, I still have a problem with Mr. Huckabee wanting to change the constitution to make it fit God’s laws (Ten Commandments) That would make lying a crime, even covetousness. Who would be the truth police and the thought police? and also worshiping idols you would have to round them up too. As a Christian I am for the strict seperation of church and state as long as the stay away from my right to practice in private.

  5. Faith based initiatives are nothing to me . Europe is rapidly loosing its superstitions , and I believe they’re better off because of it .

  6. It is important to me that ‘faith based initiatives’ are soon made clearly illegal. It is a violation of the separation of church and state and against our constitution.

  7. You can’t have faith based values and a democracy at the same time! They do not mix. i think it’s a bad idea to involve Hollywood into politics, actors are actors.

  8. I don’t think actors supporting politicians are good or bad. They’re allowed their opinions just like everyone else. At least Stephen is taking a stand for what he believes in, which is more than I can say for half of Americans (i.e. the half that don’t even vote).
    Faith-based initiatives are not important to me and the government should not be involved with them. THat it my view and one of many reasons I will not be voting for Huckabee.

  9. They are important, so important they need to stay the fuck out of Capital Hill….
    Vote for me. What we need is health care reform.

  10. I lived in Arkansas when Huck was Governor. He didn’t do anything for Arkansas except raise taxes, including gasoline taxes and invite illegals to the state for free health care, education, and food stamps.
    So-where are the faith-based initiatives here?

  11. Stephen Baldwin is an idiot with an anger management problem. Abusive men flock to fundamental christianity… I hope the Huckster gets the republican nomination… the democrats will walk all over him.
    Edit: So true, Deke. Guili is finished.

  12. Ah, yes, the juggernaut support of Stephen Baldwin will surely push Huckabee over the top.
    Funny how conservative Christians dismiss the opinion of those in Hollywood…until they support someone they like, too.
    EDIT : Magley — Rudy is finished. His best hope is to be chosen as a running mate.

  13. Stephen Baldwin is part of a radical inner city Christian movement. I am not sure if he is the best person to be supporting Huckabee.

  14. “I take in account he has the moral outlook as a Christian to hurl in the USA to be prosperous with family values”
    Well, it’s hard to argue with that.
    I wonder why “hurling” hasn’t shown up in the polls of the top five issues that voters use to choose a candidate?

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