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Animal Totem: Snowy Owl?

An experienced shaman led a group meditation to discover our power animal. During the meditation, she told us to imagine we were in Africa, only I wasn’t in Africa — I was somewhere in North America. A Snowy Owl met me and pierced me with her eyes and then clawed my stomach. I then flew on her back through the snowy, coniferous forest in the dead of night. I didn’t get the chance to ask the shaman what it might have meant. I e-mailed her but she hasn’t responded.
So, does anyone here know about Snowy Owls as it broadly relates to Shamanism? What does my totem animal signify? What could my experience mean?


  1. As far as I heard, for some Native American people the owl is a messenger of bad news…
    No ‘shaman’ or anyone that charges money for services or ceremonies should be trusted to be legit. (As far as Native America goes at least…) If she wasn’t and only cares about the money, you know why she hasn’t responded, sorry.

  2. Hi,
    I was somewhere in North America. A Snowy Owl met me and pierced me with her eyes and then clawed my stomach. I then flew on her back through the snowy, coniferous forest in the dead of night.
    Your eyes are the window of your soul. It is not clear if you mean that literally or more in a figurative way of speach.
    Figuratively it means that your soul craves to be lifted up to higher energies.
    When I read further she clawed your stomach. Your stomach correlates to your 3rd chakra, your solar plexus, this chakra is your power house in your energy system, it can be attuned to the material world then its focus is on the lower level chakra’s. I think that is what it is meaning, since your stomach is being clawed, you led yourself, your inner strength bleed out of you, by giving it away to others that suck you dry through energy vampirism, that leaves you drained and exhausted, so that you might withdraw into yourself and into solitude.
    The owl is connected to the moon, the lunar energies, therefore the female energies.
    This might mean that you should open your heart more and ground more. Trees represent your state of grounding. Trees have a strong link to Mother Earth and with their crown a strong link to Father Sky, which means that you should work prolly more on your spiritual path, and align all your chakra’s for a more balanced spiritual growth.
    Snowy owl will direct you then if you let go of your baser pursuits.
    The dead of night resembles also the darkness of the belly of the earth, might be you should dig deeper into yourself to find the treasures within and perhaps not try to fly on other peoples strong back but do some hard work yourself of true introspection. Soaring with your mind above the earth but never truly connecting with it.
    Else you will gaze at the prosperity and abundance at your feet, without ever collecting those beautiful beads of pearls that is within you.
    Find your own riches and treasure by connecting to your soul, listen to your intuitive voice, and let them guide you and try not be to much with your heads in the clouds, for else your vision might be unclear, snowy owl have bad vision.
    Do not rely on vision of the material world but on your intuition and inner wisdom.
    Be strong in your own truth and stick to it. This might require some help and therefore I suggest Quantum Allergy or Quantum Touch or Reiki to strengthen your energy system into a more balanced state
    General Specs about Snowy Owl Totem
    The Owl signifies
    intuition, the abilitiy to see what others do not notice.
    A very good atunement to the subtleties of voice that others do not. This means that what is being said does not correspond to what a person feels deep down, that shows through in their tone of voice. The person in question may not be aware that you can tune into this or that they do not mean what they have said, that depends on the balance within their energy system.
    Learn to have faith in your gut instincts, they will never lead you astray, in other words trust your intuition, your inner voice, filled with Wisdom and Love and Peace.
    Conserve your energy until the time is right to do something with that stored energy, this usually means that you will have to work hard on your lifepath tasks, this will require a focus and abundant energy.
    You may have the power of Prophecy, this is something that Great Spirit will send you. The Power of Prophecy is never ego based. It can be frightening to your system, but it is never filled with negative energy that puts you down, or makes you fearfull. It is helpful knowledge to help others on or with their lifepath mission. Do not disregard the vision, an inner sense of calm will descend on you if you go past your initial fright. With ego based images, or images of the in between world, where low energies reside, you go in a downwards spiral of fear/paranoia.
    In Light & Love and from Heart to Heart and from Awareness to Awareness,
    I hope this might have helped you.
    Each person has a Shaman in them, and each person has innate healing abilities to heal themselves, but sometimes it is good to ask help and healing aid to help you along your spiritual path of growth to disclose more attunement to Great Spirit. But above all trust in your true self and in your own life’s path


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