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Racing heart beat?

Sudden glimpse-catching?

Have you ever felt these reactions in an unusual way?

To think that these are common body responses whenever you feel scared of something is one of the common grounds for humans to experience these reactions. But I am sure you want to know what are the reasons behind.

Angels and entities are known to be the guide or the messengers of God and creatures or life forms, Angels are commonly depicted to be existing in human forms wearing robes and having wings.

Although, we are not sure what it really looks like, still, we have personal ideas on how we perceive angels.

Entities are beings or, as mentioned earlier, life forms that maybe present around our surroundings.

You may wonder why sometimes, you have sudden goose bumps or you feel your heart beat racing.

To feed your mind’s curiosity, here are some happenings in your life that may be connected to angels and entities.

  • You tend to catch a glimpse of shadow or something that passes like figures in your peripheral vision.
  • You gain answers like signs that you have asked from the universe itself.
  • Marks or wounds in your body that you do not know where you get it which seems to mysteriously appear.
  • You have experienced vivid visions or astral projection from your dreams and seeing places which seems to be not present in the universe.
  • When pets or toddlers come to you and seems like they are seeing something behind you.
  • Some kind of entity is trying to reach out or communicate with you while you are sleeping then you have been awaken.
  • You feel that something is watching behind your back or feel that you are being observe by a life form.
  • We may say that it is a miracle but you have lived and survived an accident or sickness that is supposed to kill a human being from that incident.
  • Someone may call it luck when at random times, you feel that you are carrying a burden expecting that the result you will get is disappointing but what you are thinking turns out to be wrong, rather, you came out better than what you expected.
  • You have been hearing distinct noises like buzzing in your ear which is identified as DNA upgrading.
  • People seems to be fond of you even you are kind of mysterious.
  • Your wounds seem to heal in a short span of time than the other human beings do.
  • Consciously or not, you seem to remember that some creature have visited you. Sometimes, it can be in a form of a deceased loved one or a spiritual figure.
  • You seem to find your soul mate and has a connection that you cannot describe like it is from an incarnation or from other dimension.
  • You find comfort in your family or relatives but you feel that you do not have any connection to them.

Basically, these are often experienced at random moments in your life. There may be truth untold from these happenings but you do not have to be afraid of some things. In a universe full of different worlds, who even surely knows that we, human beings, are the only existing entities. We are living in a vast diversity that is still on the process of knowing where we really came from. You may never know, maybe, you are also a part of them — angels and entities.

Remember that life is a great journey that is rich in excitement and full of mysteries. So no matter what you see and how you feel, think that not everyone has the capacity to do it or has the guts to feel it. Angels and entities may be your source of guidance for a deep understanding of your surroundings. You are powerful in your own way and if you experience some kind of happenings, so be it! Make your moments in life rich and extraordinary.

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Decalcify and Detoxify Pineal Gland – The Third Eye

The pineal gland is a part of the endocrine gland. The third eye as referred by secret societies. One of pineal gland's importance is that it produces melatonin.

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