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ok i know i am going to get a load of silly answers but i hope some genuine people too. Ok i would like some advise on Aura reading how to practice? ect also Angel summoning thanks


  1. Aura reading isn’t a difficult skill. The reason that most people can’t see energy has to do with the ability to focus your eyes. When we look around our eyes automatically focus on the objects around us. To see the Aura you must get your eyes to focus on empty space — that’s where the Aura is, in the empty space around the person. By this means, all energies, including the Aura will be seen. In time, your brain will learn to interpret this new type of input and you won’t have to concentrate on refocusing your eyes. These days, especially at night, sometimes the energy I see is so bright I can’t see the object(s) its radiating from.
    If refocusing your eyes isn’t working, then you can always force the matter by using a hallucinagen. I recommend mushrooms, but LSD is just as effective for retraining the eyes and brain. This type of psychoactive experience forces your brain to interpret what you are experiencing in some very unusual ways. Once your brain has had this experience, it should now have the context that it needs to process Auric or energy information. I know, I know. These things are all illegal in America, and can be dangerous. I was with more experienced witches when I took these substances, and they helped me have a safe, freak-out-free experience. Native Americans and many other cultures use sacred substances to expand the mind, so it can do much more than just help you see auras. But you must be safe — find spiritually oriented people who know what the substances can do and how to use them.
    Angels: You have two or three spiritual entities that are with you at all times. Some people call them guardian angels or spirit guides. Anyway, here’s a simple first-contact exercise.
    Close your eyes, relax, and imagine a dark veil in front of you. On the other side of this veil are your is the angel you’re seeking. Stick your hands through this veil, holding them out to your guides. They will take hold of your hands. You will actually be able to feel them make contact. You can do this exercise up to once a day and for only a few minutes. To do so more often will harm your biology.
    More importantly, talk to your guardian angel, she can hear you, and is actually eager for direct contact with you, but they must wait until you initiate the contact. They are here to help you, but they aren’t like us. They have no material needs, so they must be told : “Hey, I need food, and clothing, and shelter, and money to get along in this world.” Its a matter of relationship building. My relationship with my angels is ironclad because I’ve been working with them for years. It takes a strong relationship to actually summon an Angel, and it won’t come if you are a stranger, only a true friend, a personal friend to the Angel, can summon it into our world.

  2. yes your right silly answers ….and maybe sill Q.. Angels spiritual beings sometimes know as guardian angels who look after our well being ……… and as to aura ……the circle of our life force which surrounds our earth like force …or connection to mother earth .. and …….. or practise as one preaches just lead the good life nothing to it .hope this help or you could add to other silly answers ….so be it .

  3. I don’t know about auras, I’m not a visual person, but I work with Angels all the time. You’ll read all kinds of books pertaining to Angels that say you have to do all kinds of rituals, call on the correct Angel by name, etc. I don’t believe in this myself. Even though I do rituals from time to time to show them how much I appreciate them, I believe all you need to do is call out to them. Talk to them as you would anyone else. They’re always there for you, waiting for you to ask for their help. I also don’t believe you need to know them by name. I will call on an Archangel by name if I need them, but I don’t think it matters whether you know their names or not. They know who you need and the correct Angel will respond. And don’t forget, thank them whenever they’ve helped.

  4. well tom you probably will get some awesome answers.but iff you look at a pearson long enough you may be able to see their brother was here last week and his aura was on him,its very true, we all have an aura so your question is woth while, well done you,i will give you astar for this one.

  5. I work with angels all the time. They are a part of my everyday life, and I also practice reading auras. The first thing to know about reading auras is that people have differing abilities to sense energy. Some are seers, some can feel it, and some just know. Others can hear their guides but can’t see them, though it is ideal to develop all of these. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to start out being especially psychic. Just find your strong point and work with it, and then you will know that everything else is possible. The angels will help activate your abilities if you start to place your attention in this area. You do not need to summon your angels. You already have several angelic guides that are with you all the time, it is just a matter of inviting them to work with you. Practicing meditation in some form will help a lot. They will help you find the meditation state that works for you, because they can hold that state of energy with you, and surround you with it, as you focus to try and receive a deeper connection. Inviting the angels to be a part of your life in the physical and to train you how to communicate with them and work with them is the first step. This will yield a result. They are listening to your thought always. Just ask them, or write to them if you like, and ask for them to train you in life, in your sleep, and through whatever it takes to wake you up to a more conscious level where you can experience them as part of your everyday life. Do something nice for them to honor them and welcome them into your life, just as you would honor a guest in your home with something to eat or drink. And just keep inviting them. I know it might sound strange, but really try to include them in your life. Invite them to go with you when you go out. Invite them to dinner with you. Invite them to go for a walk. You can also ask for a healing session if you have issues to work on. Ask them for an angelic healing session and then lay down and receive it. I call it taking an angel nap. I always feel great afterward, and often that is how I get my clearest guidence. Sometimes it is hard to meditate, so you just invite them into your consciousness and lay down and have a little dream while you nap. There are also lots of good books. Opening to Channel is good. Doreen Virtues books are good as well. I actually opened up to seeing auras while working with the Celestine Prophesy guide book years ago. That whole book and the workbook really helped me get tuned into following the flow of energy.
    Good Luck.

  6. If you do bad things then your aura will emit it. If you do good things the same is true. It’s not a matter of reading aura’s, it’s a matter of principle…you reap what you sow. Sow heartbreak…guess what? Sow love….etc. I wouldn’t recommend summoning any being other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth through prayer. Check your Narcissism.

  7. Hi there,
    Hands of Light is an excellent book for learning how to see the human energy field and for that matter, all energy fields. I’m sorry but I can not remember the author but if it helps, it is a female. The book has been used as a “text book” for many courses in utilizing healing energy. I have the book at home but it can’t help me here! Part of seeing auras is being able to relax; meditation can really help there if you are not already a practitioner. The book has exercises for you to work through.
    As to Angel summoning I don’t know. I believe in Sprit Guides and ya, I do talk to them but I don’t “summon”. To me, that word conjures (no pun intended) contol, summoned to do what you want them to do and I don’t believe that we have the right to force our opinions, wishes, will upon anyone or anything. I also believe that the Universe will provide all that we truly need (not want or desire but true need) if we now how to ask for it and they will only give us what we are ready to handle.
    If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I don’t have a computer at home but I don’t mind checking what resources I do have if necessary.

  8. I never read any Auras ( and I’m not planning to ). So far as sommoning angels, the best way is to fill your bathtub, put your head under the water, and speak to the angel, pressing your lips against the bottom of the tub.
    If you keep your head under long enough, you’ll hear angels singing.

  9. Find a Bible that has a New Testament and read the book of Romans. If that doesn’t answer all of your questions, Try the gospel of John.

  10. angels can’t be summoned by man. they’re God’s workers, kinda like robots, but with the ability to choose “yes God” or “no God” once, and then that’s it.
    angels are spirit beings, so if you want to see one, I suggest you call God up in your spirit (that doesn’t involve any incense or chanting or anything like that, just prayer). Maybe He’ll say yes.
    as for the aura thing, don’t know, but I wouldn’t try it…

  11. angels answer to god, they personally don’t care about you. you can’t summon them because of this. Aura reading is also crap. Aura binds spirit energy to a host. reading it doesn’t predict anything.

  12. You have just started your practice with this very question. You’re angel(s) know when you need them and when you call them, as you have done here.

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