Home Discussion Forum An...Online School(s) of Magick arts, And the occult?

An…Online School(s) of Magick arts, And the occult?

I am curious if there are…Any of these, online for free. That teach at least something worthwhile. Self Study Articles may also be posted, links to. Thank You.


  1. “Anything free will end up costing twice as much, or will end up being worthless in the end.”
    TANSTAAFL (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch)

  2. I don’t know about any online schools, but I can post a few things for self study. However, there is a lot of information contained in these. Magick in and of itself is a broad topic. My advice would be to study some stuff and find something that works for you, even if you have to make your own system from scratch.
    ^^ good primer for learning meditation and focus ^^
    ^^ free ebook repository, though it helps to know what you’re looking for ^^
    And a couple other links because I’m feeling generous:

  3. A really good site is The Baptist’s Head. It teaches the occult science by getting back to basics and pruning off all the BS that has found its way into these teachings.

  4. The “Covenant of the Goddess”, signed by such notables as Rev Selena Fox(Circle Sanctuary). the Zells, and Isaac Bonewitz (ADF), prohibits charging money for instruction.
    Avoid any site that charges money. There are many Pagan chat groups on Yahoo and Google. They share info and instruction.


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