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An old lady claiming to read auras?

I was at the Bingo with my Grandmother last weekend and this old lady we were sitting next to told me that I had a “strong blue aura”. She may have been crazy or senile…I don’t know. But what are auras anyways? and what does it mean to have a blue one?


  1. Auras are supposed to be your energy, or the print of your soul, or something.
    Blue is generally considered a cool/good color, but the values cultures put on color is completely arbitrary.
    She might also just have had something wrong with her eyes. 😀

  2. blue usually shows that you have compassion. though i am not an aura reader myself that is the basic.
    the aura is simply your energy signature. it is strong when you are healthy and weak when you are sick.

  3. An aura is supposed to be the essence of your soul. I have been told that mine was like roses and another time that it was pink. Maybe you are special.


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