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An encounter with an incubus or just a horribly real nightmare?

I already asked this question in dream interpretation, but it seems no one has any clue. then I began reading about succubus and incubus beings and found interest. What do you guys think?
I will tell you about a couple of recent dreams that have really shaken me up. You don’t have to be spiritual or religious, but just tell me what the hell they mean! I’ve been so scared to go back to sleep because of this reappearing man…
I have sleep paralysis- a lot…since I was a kid. It means I can’t move but I am concious..like my mind wakes up but my body is still sleeping. It varies a lot, sometimes I hear noises, people talking, footsteps and can’t move, other times I have felt someone shaking me or felt myself lifting from the bed, but those really scary kind come once in a blue moon. However, these recent dreams feel real and are horrible.
There was this presence on top of me, holding me down and I just closed my eyes. I was awake in my living room like I could see the TV playing Charlies Angel’s still so I knew i was concious, but I couldn’t move and I could feel someone on top of me. I started crying and praying in my mind for myself to wake up, and I could feel someone trying to rape me. When I opened my eyes, a vortex appeared and a scary man’s face came up. He had golden eyes and blonde hair and he was laughing at me. (at the same time i was being pushed into the couch and I could feel “his area” coming into mine)
Then, soon after another night I had a similar dream. This time I was in bed, my lights were on and I was sleeping with my sister. Well when I woke up this time in sleep paralysis mode, the man was sitting next to me. I could feel other people in the room and couldn’t hear anything but I could see him sitting up beside me and laughing. He was pulling my arms and moving me around and it seemed like he was showing me off to whoever else was in the room. He kept laughing. I just stared at him and tried to talk or scream but I couldn’t do anything! It was horrible! This time his golden eyes were replaced with red ones and he looked so evil.
I hadn’t seen him in a while after that, but those dreams still haunt me and I still want to know what they mean. Can anyone try and help? Any theories are welcome, I will seriously consider them all. I just felt so helpless and vulnerable and it felt so real, even when I try to convince myself they were just dreams. Help!


  1. Here’s my take on sleep paralysis or hypnagogic hallucinations: The mind is more complicated than we think There are more states than “awake” and “asleep”.
    When we’re awake, we get sensory input from our sense organs, our eyes, our ears, our skin.
    When we’re dreaming, our brains are providing sensory input from inside. We “see” but those images aren’t coming from light. We “hear” but those aren’t really sounds.
    But in the sleep paralysis state, this is somehow mixed. We can look around and see real images, maybe hear real sounds. The sensory organs are turned on. But we are also getting dream images, stuff that isn’t really there. So it’s something that can’t be described as simply as a “nightmare” because you can feel you’re awake! Yet you aren’t, really. Not in the usual sense. Some of the wiring is a little crossed.
    Again, just my personal take on this.

  2. Im native american. Sounds like a witch to me. My girlfriend had a some similiar experiance. She could see and feel but she couldn’t move when she slept. She would see a dark figure standing in the corner, next to her bed, on top of her. I told her not be scared and to build up strength within her. So i left to go drop off my little brother and she went to sleep, next thing she knew, she couldn’t move and speak. To her, she said that it took a form of a teddy bear but an evil one, and it was on top of her smiling. She tried to move and scream but she couldn’t. Then she said she remembered on what i said and she got mad and finally she moved, so she grabbed it and placed it beneath her thighs to suffercate it. She said that she felt it trying to breath but couldnt until it moved no more. The next thing she said she knew was that the dogs were barking mad and going after someone or thing into the field. Eversince then, she hasnt had that kind of experiance. Remember. Evil feeds off fear. It might be laughing at you cause you are helpless and weak in mind, body and soul. Find something like a cross or a figure of the Archangel Micheal or Gabriel to give you strength. If not, find strength within yourself. But if you played with a oijia board, than its something more serious.

  3. Wow. I am so sorry about all of this. My name is Jessie, and just for you, I was doing some research about sleep paralysis. Sometimes, on the artical I was reading, it said that people in the state of sleep paralysis feel someone on them or in the room. I won’t tell you more, because I do not know much more. (:
    But, please fully read this website I found for you. I honestly think it’ll help alot.
    I hope I helped and good luck.

  4. Scientists tend to believe lots of thing But , I do believe that what your experiencing could be real .I but it sounds to me that you could be dealing with demons Jesus loves you so very much.My friend has had simmiliar encounters with a yellow eyed figure . EVERYONE WHO believes (adheres to, trusts, and relies on the fact) that Jesus is the Christ (the Messiah) is a born-again child of God 1 John 5:1 Oh IJesus loves you turn to him and every thing will change then you will have full authority over thisituation. Jesus, Jesus trust me I know several people w/this situation call on Jesus


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