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An Aura reading, I was told there is an Indian standing behind me,spiritually. What does this mean?

I decided to get an aura reading just out of curiosity. The reader said that there was an American Indian standing behind me, watching over me. Now me and my girlfriend at the time got separate readings at different times and were not together at the place the reading was given at. She was told the same thing about an Indian. I thought this to be funny, that he tells everyone the same thing.


  1. your “reader” knows how many white people want some connection to a native ancestor so he/she probably tells everyone they have an indian watching over them. scams…fakes…all around you.

  2. Hello Brian
    The psychic was telling you that you have an Indian as one of your spirit guides.
    A lot of psychic’s see Indians, if that ones see’s them for everyone, it means one of 2 things – he tells people what they wish to hear or it is one of the Psychic’s guides.


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