An unforgettable journey into the unexplored world of China’s Buddhist hermit monks. “Amongst White Clouds” is an intimate insider’s look at students of zen and wise masters living in scattered retreats dotting China’s Zhongnan Mountain range. These peaks have reputedly been home to recluses since the time of the Yellow Emperor, some five thousand years ago. It was widely thought that the tradition was all but wiped out, but this film emphatically and beautifully shows us otherwise. One of only a few foreigners to have lived and studied with these elusive practitioners, American director Edward Burger is able, with humor and compassion, to present their tradition, their wisdom, and the hardship and joy of their everyday lives among the clouds.

Filmed on location in China Written and Directed by Edward Burger Produced by Chad Pankewitz A Cosmos Pictures Production Official Selection: Mill Valley Film Festival, Taos Mountain Film Festival, Denver Starz Film Festival, True/False Film Festival, Maui Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, Tahoe/Reno Film Festival, Mt. Shasta International Film Festival

Extracts from the award winning film: “Amongst White Clouds” by Edward A. Burger about Zen Buddhist hermit monks living in remote hermitages in China’s Zhongnan Mountains. Some fine pearls: “Put all your mind into it, but don’t think…”, “This reckless deluded mind”, “Don’t fear it, don’t hurt it”, “Let go of it all: Examine yourself & meditate quietly!”, “Everyone has this precious jewel opportunity to awaken”, “Work is spiritual cultivation”, “When old your body won’t list to you anymore, then it’s too late to practice”, “Leaving the world is a way of returning to it…” “Don’t follow your old habits: Observe you mind”, “We planted seeds in the past”, “Why did you come here…?”, “Holding on to this self is birth & death”, “The Buddha is like a wise Doctor and all beings are like sick patients…” “There is nothing more to say…”

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Aminor Amajor
Aminor Amajor
7 years ago

I agree with what those monks said – are in accord with what the monks in Theravada said too.

This is a special speech: “No creation, No destruction”. I’m very much convinced that some of those monks had reached a level of enlightenment.

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