ok, so ive been looking over my gems, and i have this big purple stone that looks like an amethyst. how can i be sure without the assistance of a jewler. if it is an amethyst, is it worth anything?


  1. You would need a jeweler (accredited).
    It’s value is based on quality and type and shape of stone.
    I was given an amethyst ring by a friend (though it is not my birthstone) and I found out by chance that it is antique, set in real diamonds, and the stone is very pure.
    I had no idea.
    You can check out websites or even books on precious stones. I did that and I was surprised at the numerous types of amethysts.
    I repeat, see an accredited jewler.

  2. You can tell if it is amethyst by just looking at it
    Amethyst is
    Is it a six sided prism. if its not broken
    If its broken does it have clevage? Amethyst does not it looks like a “thumb markings” when it broken
    If its cut and polished it might be hard to tell. Amethyst is a 7 on the mohs hardness scale which means it will scratch window glass or steel. That and its purple color might be enough to convince yourself its amethyst.
    As for economic value most small samples of amethyst go for around a buck at a mineral shop, which is over priced considering for can find it yourself if you know where to go for free. but some it worth a lot of money like the jewlery quality gemstones found in brazil or Russia. Good luck trying to figure out what it is!!

  3. The previous person gave a good answer. Amethyst is actually quartz, that had another mineral melted in the SiO2 when it cooled. The same with citrine, but different minerals. Quartz is the most common mineral/rock with a multitude of forms. Other minerals intruding when it is cooling cause the vast number of colors.


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