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American minorities and spirituality (not religion): why do you think this happens?

Why are so few African Americans, Latinos and other minorities present at spiritual conferences where people like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and others are speaking? I’m a Latina woman by birth and I must say it was a little disheartening to observe the small numbers of minorities in attendance at most spiritual gatherings. Why do you think this happens?
Are minorities more inclined to follow mainstream religions?
And why is it that it’s mostly “white” people (I don’t like categorizing, but I find no other way to explain this) the ones who are seeking to awaken at this point in time? I know there are some, very few, minorities who are also leaving old dogmas and beliefs behind. But it saddens me to see that a large portion of our population in America is still trapped by old traditional religious beliefs. Nothing wrong with that, of course, since it’s the path most natural to them at this particular point in their evolution as souls. However, I wonder why the disparity in numbers.
Every time I go to a spiritual gathering or watch a video of one online, the audience always seems to be 99.9% white…
I hope my question doesn’t offend anyone. I just want to understand what’s happening and why it is the way it is. What do you think?
I would especially love to hear from our African American brothers and sisters.


  1. I think it’s simply a difference in cultures. You could ask why Asians tend to do so well in school while blacks and hispanics tend to get lower grades – and again, it comes down to culture. Different cultures have different priorities.

  2. I’m a 20 yr African-American and I guess Farrakhan doesn’t count. I’m my own spiritual gathering meaning no one represents me but God.

    Its the “white” majority who posses the money necessary to attend such gatherings ! The discretionary time available to them likely exceeds the amount possessed by minorities—-also the definition of discretionary time (or money) is slightly different !
    I would guess that “white” Americans have been exposed to freer thinking and openess

  4. Great question. Sadly the answer is not so great.
    It’s mostly money and education. And the whites have most of both.
    I used to live in Northern California and noticed that as well. So when I did find a minority group of “seekers” I would try to get to know them. The leaders always welcomed anybody new, but the followers always made their prejudice known. This happened with both Black and Native American groups. Racism does not discriminate, anybody can do it.
    One thing that must be overcome on a spiritual path is the “victim mentality”. Which is much easier to do when you are least victimized, such as a successful educated white person.

  5. I am the smaller minority of one, and I am American, I’m latin, and I’m also human.
    Of course.
    Humans are divided in two sexes. Males and females.
    Females do not have the same rights nor believes as males.
    Culture do not allow them to feel the same, nor to behave the same, nor to live the same.
    Humans are divided in four colours: alphabetically: black, red, white and yellow.
    The first thinking that cames to my mind is that there are…
    6,4 billion humans in the planet and around 6,4 millions are not all the red, adding north and south americans to australians.
    That irrelevance is not irrelevant. Maybe they do not can be counted more than 640 thousand in the entire planet and this is relevant to the eyes of anyone, believing or not that human creatures are all of them alike to the eyes of their Creator.
    We may have around 3 billion yellow, 2 billion black and 1 billion white.
    Or 2,5 billion white, 2,5 billion yellow and 1 billion black.
    I don’t know the numbers and yet having them I can not qualify my real origens and as far as I know there are at least three of those four colours in my blood.
    But…indeed clear is that the number of red sking people around humans is not fair to their contribution to our forests, rivers, lakes and nature.
    About those shown in television…
    people do not go to the jungles to film their lives and people go after the film makers to be shown in TV. That means… we may start to believe that the colour of the skin do not influence the will of being known famous all around and it varies from person to person.
    What I think is… a fair society would be able to defend all the minorities and also able to comprehend that any individual human being is a living being in danger of extintion.
    Life shall be preserved. Colours … change. Specially and faster when pacificly mixed.
    I’m not nationalist nor regionalist.
    I was born in Brazil, but I know there is italian and portuguese genes in my body.
    I was born in the Universe, as a matter of fact, in a planet to be shared with all those myself alike.
    Brothers, as you said.
    The planet is our house.
    Too big for a single father, too wide for 1 billion mothers to watch their 2 billion sons.
    Still.. there are at least 4 billion others, fathers, uncles, aunts, nephews, and … each of them born from a mother. A single mother.
    The world ain’t easy to comprehend, but … humans, we know we are in this matter, all alike: none, among us, is able to explain the origen of the light without passing to the mind that … there is a plausible unbelievable explanation: God.

  6. Hello; it’s all right?
    Good, I think as our World even is filled with a lot of racism, and many people still suffers from it…
    Unhappy, but really!
    Well, that’s it!
    Brazilian greetings for you!


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