Home Discussion Forum Am looking for a good clairvoyant in Glasgow, any recommendations?

Am looking for a good clairvoyant in Glasgow, any recommendations?

I visited Gypsy Rose-lee in Argyle Centre years ago and she was fantastic but Argyle Centre closed now apparently – I don’t frequent Glasgow so not sure if this is the case? Thanks!


  1. Here are some
    Maura 116 Sauchiehall Street, GLASGOW, G2 3DH
    Ferda Ltd 54-56 Clifford Lane, GLASGOW, G51 1NR
    Karla Kinsella Unit 45 In-Shops Parkhead Forg, 1221 Gallowgate Glasgow, GLASGOW, G31 4EB
    Criznikalis Nikilas Aberfoyle Street, GLASGOW, G31 3RW
    Psychic Sanctuary 3 3 52 Keppochhill Road, GLASGOW, G21 1ST
    Hamilton Psychic Forum 25 Townhead Street, Hamilton, ML3 7BQ
    Colette Blessed Bee, 16 Waterside St, Strathaven, ML10 6AW

  2. hi kizzy at the savoy centre is FANTASTIC went to see her not that long ago and already things are coming true 😀 so i would reccommend her !!!! 😀

  3. hey leoni
    I had a reading, and i nearly fainted with what he said to me. i thought i was just going in to see some wee gypsie lol with tarot cards, but id never dreamed he was gonna tell me dates, times, names, even my make and model of car hahaha mega mega blown outta this world, iv told all me mates an all but a few have went and all flabbergasted lol booked him for a house party in march

  4. Hi I am trying to contact a Glasgow psychic who worked in my psychic shows a male known as drew (Billy) eight years ago an excellent consultsnt, would like to get in touch again for forthcoming shows up north in May other good readers welcome, we are always busy.


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