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Am I the only brave enough to admit?

all answers are found with your 12-Chakras,
the seven auras and 12-Fires at Pentecost. Chakra means: ‘wheels within wheels’

There are 12-Aliens root-races, 12-chakra portals on Gaia, 12 nations with Star-gates.

there were 12 planets in our system at first,
until the Anu invaded Earth and destroyed 3 others.

Your thoughts?
can someone teach 2nd answer a little humor…

chakras have been studied in India for 8,000 years.
sorry, 9000 years.


  • 12 jurors, 12 apostles, 12 months, 12 zodiac symbols, 144,000 raptured and 144 is 12 squared, 12 hours on a traditional clock, you can do this all day.

    You are not special. You do not matter. You are not privy to some great truth the rest of us are blind to see.

  • I see that ‘brave enough’ means something completely different on the planet where you come from than it does around here.


    John Popelish

  • The 12 Days of Christmas
    The 12 Disciples
    Jury of 12 people
    A dozen (12 donuts)
    12 Angry Men
    The Dirty Dozen
    12 Days of Decision

    Maybe you’re on to something…

    That 12 alien root-races (does that include Borgs?)

  • I used to believe all these things & than I realized that my mind couldn’t handle it, so I just stepped down & let God be God.

  • i dont actually get what your talking about
    i googled chakra and it said something about pillars of energy inside people, and i googled gaia and it was talking about a secret planet in Greek mythology, either that or a video game

    so knowing what the words mean i still have no idea what you are talking about can you elaborate plz

  • Yeah, well, you didn’t answer my question about the pillars on the earth, so there, I don’t care one twig about this.


  • WTF?

    What the hell have you been smoking?

    BTW, there are 7 chakras, not 12, not that I believe in them anyway…

  • Can you provide at least ONE single, solitary shred of credible evidence to support the existence of these “chakras”? Remember, I said CREDIBLE.

    Yeah, I didn’t think so either…

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