am i somehow connected to spirits?





i can sense auras and stuff like that. and when i walk into a house i can sense spirits. but i know i can do soo much more!!! but i dont know what!!! plz help me. im confused.


  1. Kind of hard to explain. Though if you can really “feel” or sense these spirits around you, try communicated with them. Most are just lost and are not at rest, so you could possibly help them. You’re safe for the most part around them, though. However if you do have such a gift you will most definitely encounter demons and negative spirits in the future. Best thing for you to do right now is research this stuff and find out what can protect you firstly and then what you can do to settle their souls.
    As for the Auras around people (if you are talking about the energy that surrounds every person) that is a double edged sword. Most are normal and good however you’ll meet plenty that are full of negative energy ranging from sadness to hate. Auras, I believe, are essentially what defines us and show our true colors.

  2. You sound as if you are a sensitive or empath. Don’t feel confused you are not going to be able to find out probably all the gifts you do possess for some time, that is why life is a journey. Take your time and discover what gifts you do have and hone those. You can find out more about certain gifts by reading about them. Just remember, take your time.

  3. ok, before i say what my guess is, not all witches and vampires and magic things are evil, most are good.
    Sometimes witches can sense spiritual presence and other magical spieces(like vampires or werewolves) can sense presence.maybe you should check out the history of your house9if it was built and people lived in it b4 u) or the land(if its new)

  4. You really want this don’t you? You should try an experiment to see, for example, if you can tell where someone is behind a wall or if someone actually dies in a house where you sense spirits.
    Your aura sensing could be coming from slight changes in temperature or smells or certain places triggering old memories or memories of old dreams or any number of things that are not really indicative of spirits.

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