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Am I seeing auras?

I know this sounds really bogus, but I have been able to “see” spirits. I generally can sense where they are when there is light, and can kind of see an outline or profile. Usually just enough to see there height and such. Sometimes I can get sort of an image of what they are wearing from this sense. But when it is dark I can see some what bright but transparent light that forms the outline of a body. They arent any particular color to suggest the energy, but I can usually sense that any way. and it helps that (i cant talk to them) but i get vibes of what they want and dont want kind of
so am i seeing auras?
one time i sensed this guy named john who was about 17-ish at my cousins house, and it was a realllly strong sense, i think he was related to my cousin somehow. and so later my cousin was using her ouija board and those exact details came up…….


  1. That does not sound like you see an aura, usually you see brilliant colors around a living person you can communicate with. It sounds like Satan’s messing with your mind. Why do you think you see spirits? How do you know they are spirits?

  2. an aura is the energy field around someone/something. if you’re seeing colors or energy just kind of floating about (for lack of a better term) then you’re just seeing energy and possibly spirits.
    this doesn’t necessarily make you a medium, unless you contact them. tho i would suggest ‘psychic’ or just ‘sensitive’.


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