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Am i seeing auras, or is it a trick of the light?

So, recently when I go to the bathroom, and look down, I am able to see this, sort of outline on me. Today, I was on the computer, looked at the mirror, and I am again seeing this outline around my head, and shoulders, and my arms when i put them out. i tried doing seeing the outline on my hand, and I can, but very dimly. I can not see it in the dark, but against a light backround, and some light in the room, I can see the color. I also saw it on my brother, but faintly. So, am I seeing an aura, or is this just a trick of the light?? Also, the color around me is clear, with a hint of blue, and I did not really see a color around my brother, it was more clear than anything. I will see if I can see it around other people today. Thanks


  1. There could be orbs of color, and our astral layers can be seen under a black light as a silvery layer … though if you’re noticing colored layers …. it’s difficult to decipher … they could very well be tricks of light depending upon the dimensional layer your soul/spirits reside in.

  2. If my dim, colored, light, halo – esque, light co-mingles with yours, are we having aural sex?
    Hmmm, maybe I should ask this question myself. I think I will.


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