Am I really psychic or is it fake?

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Okay, so every time I take a psychic test I ALWAYS get channeler, you know like a medium and rank high. SO does that really mean I am one?

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The Killing Gene

No, just a coincidence

Jeff R

Yes, but it may not be as supernatural or metaphysical as you are thinking.


If you were really psychic you would have been able to predict that you’re a psychic


yes, and the best way to express your true power would be to lock yourself in a garage with a car running and open the garage door through your mind. to ensure that you don’t accidentally cheat, destroy the garage opener.


If you were psychic you should have been able to predict your answer.


Without knowing you or hearing any of your predictions I am not in any position to comment in one way or another………


That is always happens to me… High ranks but I have that same question to.. I think it could go either way…..


psychic tests? HAHAHA!!! You can’t trust stupid little online quizes lol, you never know who made them xD! If you want to be a real psychic…go develope your 6th sense! It’s easier then you would think!

/\/\c D0n41d5

Wait, psychic test? You mean like a fake just-for-fun online quiz? Those things aren’t real. I’m sorry, but no matter what you will get a result saying that you have psychic powers, sorry.


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