am i medium,psychic,or schizophrenic?

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ok well i have seen ghost since i was 2 but some people say it’s my “Imagination” which i doubt. And about 78% of the time i can tell if something bad is going to happen or if i walk into a house i sometimes get flash backs but i see it from someone Else’s point of view like when i drove past where my old house used to be (it was knocked down at age 3 or 4.)i saw me but i was a baby and i was in the kitchen and my granny (dads grandma) was feeding me baby food called bananas and , and cream i asked my dad did granny ever feed me banana baby food?? and he looked at me and said yeah how did you know???AND one time i went to my friends for the first time and right when i walked in a room i seen something two babies sitting down playing. ANd i Always see my great grandma moms side when i lay down on the couch (And she did die in the house i live in). And i sometimes see this little girl under neath this tree and sometimes i talk to her and under th same tree i see a sometimes to.And sometimes in class if an retarded i stare at the radio until for about 5 seconds and it just shuts off but that could be a coincidence.anyways i have had many ghost experiences
i meant to say do to under the tree probly because we have had many many animals
ugg my key board is messed up i meant to say dog

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you have the third eye and could be a medium. Have you ever helped a ghost or talked to one?


i saw another question you wrote but i could not answer.
since your mom doesn’t believe you, go to your school councilor.
she will help you, she knows what to do.
do not listen to the voice.


Lol. I certainly hope you have medication for that.


You are what is known as a “Psychic Medium” You have the ability to see ghosts/spirit people who have passed away from earth and who live in other realms such as the spirit world – but they come to visit on earth via mediums. You also have precognition and clairvoyance the ability to see things and the near future events etc.
There are many signs when loved ones who have physically died, spirit guides or angels are around you as well, such as:-
Pictures Tilting
Curtains Blowing When No Window Is Open
Lights Flickering
Kettles Clicking On & Off
Feeling Coldness or Heat Changes Around The Body
Animals Looking At What Seem To Be Empty Spaces In The Room
Feeling As Though There Is A Spiders Cob Web On Your Face
Feeling As Though There Is A Fly Walking On Your Head
Feeling Strong Emotions & Love A Sense Of Feeling Safe
Small Pure White Feather Appearing Anywhere
Have a look at the web sites below, you can speak with like minded people and do the free psychic mediumship development classes online
(forum, chat room and check out the calender of events)
Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx


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