Am I having Old Had attacks?

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I often have while in bed but in an awake state feel as if I’m being attacked by something. People tell me its evil spirits or its a nightmare, but it feels very real to me and I have experienced very real pain, last night I had a terrible back pain. It happens quite often. I have experienced being almost squashed or sat on, on my chest and head, and sometimes I’m being strangled but lately I don’t feel as if it is a person but rather a werewolf perhaps attacking me and I have also experieced being almost blown to death by a strong wind. I try to scream but my voice is gone and I cannot move. I have never been involved with any mystic or dodgy stuff..
I found this definition: The expression Old Hag Attack refers to a hypnagogic state in which paralysis is present and, quite often, it is accompanied by terrifying hallucinations. When excessively recurrent, some consider them to be a disorder; however many populations treat them as simply part of their culture and mythological world-view, rather than any form of disease or pathology.
What does this mean, is it a disorder? Because it feels very real to me..

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Red ♣ Santa's my Betch.

Sounds it…Normally, People can’t move, or talk, They can feel a evil presence in the room and pressure on the chest…However, Sometimes when you dream the dream feels so real that when you wake up, You can still feel the pain from what happened in your dream.
It’s not a disorder, really. Millions of people have Sleep Paralysis dreams…I do too.. But I found that when I fall asleep on my back is when it happens…It’s not evil spirits or something, Your just experiencing Sleep Paralysis. It’s called Old Hag Syndrome because it’s a old belief that a old hag(Or Witch) supposedly comes into your room and sits on your chest..


I have bad dreams also, I am sure we all have bad dreams. If I took my dreams seriously I would wind up a nut case. I don’t try to analyze them; they go into the trash can where all my other dreams, good and bad go. Dreams are not reality, and I like to deal in reality. Don’t let your dreams control you, make sure YOU control your dreams.

Jeff Vee

Two things are possible: I have had a few old hag attacks through out my life, I believe they were any way. After learning more about it my fear of “it” turned into curiosity, so the last time the attack happened I actually wanted to see, if I could see, who was on top of me. My eyes are the only parts that would work during the episode. I was on my side when it happened, I turned to look and as fast as it came it went away. I have never experience it again since. My suggestion is to face your fear and confront it. It’s hard to stay calm but try your best to take a couple of deep breaths, say a prayer, imagine a white light around you, and face it.
Scientific explanation: You might be suffering a mild to severe heart attack, or having a severe heart burn. Talk to your doctor about it. Don’t eat too much before you go to bed.
I hope this help. Email me if you like.

Shaman Val

The definition is correct and its not as uncommon as you think. Most people experience a hypnagogic state at some point during their life. Usually at high stress life changing moments, like exam time, weddings, funerals, new job, child birth, etc.
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks


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