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Am I having a spiritual awakening or im going crazy?

About a month ago i started having a series if events that has since completely emptied me from the inside out and my life as i know it. Everything I have and everyone I know is falling apart around me. My entire family is really no longer a family my husband tried to kill himself so I wouldn’t leave him. I’m not religious but I am going to church today. I feel like someone is trying to tell me something I just can’t hear it. I wonder if I’m going crazy none of this feels like it can actually be happening to me. I know it is happening but why? Am I havig an awakening or am I crazy?


  1. You’re having a life. It gets messy sometimes. Religion is one way people deal with that, so no, it’s not crazy. It doesn’t mean a god will appear just because you need one, but you may find comfort in the congregation. If that works for you, go for it. If you just want some company and to do selfless things, try the Secular Humanists. You’ll feel just as good… no god added. 😉

  2. Neither. I think that you are currently having some rotten times in your life (it happens to everyone). Your husband is the one that’s crazy (for trying to kill himself).

  3. You’re very emotional at the moment and are looking for meaning and reason in your life so much your seeing/hearing things that aren’t there. I suggest that you go running or help in a soup kitchen and not try to brainwash yourself, or at-least get into Sikhism or something…

  4. Sometimes they can be connected. But sorry to say it, this is reality. People can have a really horrible turn of events but if you want to choose something that you think will comfort you then go to church. Reality is hard but you’re not crazy and you’re not having a spiritual awakening. But if you want to become religious that’s your choice.

  5. You’re not crazy and I’m pretty sure you’re not having any “awakening”
    Things things do happen. It’s just that people tend to have the “it can’t happen to me” mindset, so when it does happen, it’s kind of a shock.
    And if you’re husband has to resort to that to keep you around, you’re probably better of without him.

  6. See if you can find “Life After Death, 1977” a study/film of people that had died and been brought back to life. All that had tried to kill themselves went strait to hell! All others went to the judgment area. They were saved and pulled back here to earth. There are other studies of this too.

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  8. I believe you are having a hard time. God and all that spiritual stuff is all in your head, but if going to church and believing that god is doing all that stuff to you to ‘spiritually awake’ you, then just go. Personally I think that the common perception of gods is that they are kind and loving, in which case they would not inflict the kind of suffering that people have to endure. But, whatever gives you comfort. Peace be with you soon.

  9. These things are all part of life. Death, sickness, stress, fear, anxiety, good times, bad times and all the rest. This si where we have to trust in God because there are things that come into our lives that we have no control over and we are tossed like a bottle in the ocean. Here is what Jesus said:
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    Notice that the wise man and the foolish man both lived in the same neighborhood because they both had the same storms in thier lives! Jesus never prmised we would never have any storms but that we would not fall and he would kead us through them. The problem is I don’t want to go through them I want to go around them! But our God says we are going through them!
    Isa 43:1-3 KJV But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. (2) When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. (3a) For I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour:
    Notice it says when NOT IF!

  10. You’re fine. It’s only normal to feel anxiety when life throws you a curve that forces you to look at reality. Find a good therapist and work through your feelings and do nice things for yourself and take it easy on yourself. Your husband does not belong to you, he’s his own person. I’m sure trying to leave your husband means something has been wrong all along. Have you ignored problems until now no one in the family can ignore it any longer? You’re finally facing the result of the decisions you have made and yes – awakening. You now realize all the mess you have made and the work it would take to clean it up seems daunting.
    A choice between reality (tree of life) and religion (fruit of good and bad) is a catharsis at times like this. If there is a god, then where is he? Its an opportunity to really consider the reality of what God can really be if he allows such suffering in his followers. Its an opportunity to question your beliefs because continuing seems impossible to do and remain sane.
    jesus was supposed to Jewish, and Judaism believes in reality as the supernatural. jesus taught demon possession and fear of the paranormal and hell for not believing – and that has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism. muslims used xtian scripture to create the quran and xtians used Jewish scripture to create the old testament. Jewish scripture is parables, but xtians and muslims read their versions as literal history – polar opposites.
    Historically, xtians have caused havoc due to hysteria, and xtianity keeps morphing into new denominations to keep from facing it’s past. The religion itself does what each xtian has to do – change or face the reality of the past, and facing the past is difficult and painful – but well worth the effort.


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