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Am I experiencing Precognition and Telepathy?

Frequently, thoughts pop into my mind out of nowhere, like a message. I could be concentrating on one thing and then a thought pops in my mind unrelated to what I was thinking of. Usually this thought is an event which happens to me but sometimes it can be in the world too. But later that day, whether it be a few seconds, minutes, or hours, the event that popped in to my mind happens! It never fails!!! EVER!!
OR I may also experience telepathy. For example, if I’m in class and something happens, or someone does something, a thought pops up in my mind. I tell myself “Eeh, nobody will listen if I say this thought” But then someone steals those words right at of my head! I may not even be concentrating on what is going on and the thoughts occur! Then somebody says it out loud!
Lastly, this has only happened once, it may have occured more frequently but since it has to do with dreams, I don’t remember my dreams too often. Anyway, last week I got in a fight with my friend (about this game Big Two which we call Chinese Poker) He was very mad at me and would not talk to me. That night I had a dream we were playing cards and we made up. Later that morning in homeroom, we made up and we were playing cards, but I HAD ALL OF THE CARDS THAT I REMEMBER FROM MY DREAM. It was just like my dream. So am I experiencng Precognition and telepathy?
Also I would like to say I have tried telekenesis and although objects don’t move, I get a really uncomfortable tingling in my body.
Did I mention they ALWAYS COME TRUE? How do I forget when something randomly pops in my head and it happens? My friends say they dont experience this.


  1. Start writing down these random thoughts. It’s almost certainly just the confirmation effect – you remember when it ‘comes true’ and forget the many that didn’t. It happens to everyone, it’s not anything paranormal. You’ll see they don’t come true nearly as often as you thought they did if you write them down when you think of them and don’t try to make them happen. The second one isn’t telepathy – it’s not uncommon at all that people have the same questions in a lecture. And the last one – dreams are very tenuous memories. Unless you had written down all those cards when you woke up, you really can’t trust that memory at all.

  2. What is likely occuring is that you think you remember something happening earlier in the day, but the event never happened. What I mean is that your brain is receiving signals about what is happening at the moment and files them in short term memory to then be sorted for importance and then filed in long term memory if deemed important. It is possible that an event happening in the current moment just gets sorted to the wrong place and your mind recalls it as a memory that happened earlier making you think that it actually happened earlier.

  3. Are you high when these things happen? Because those things happen to me ALOT when I’m high.

  4. First of all, I’ll start with your “telepathy”. Minds that have been raised in similar environments think a lot alike. The precognition is a lot like when Alec Guinness thought that he had predicted James Dean’s death. We remember things a lot differently after something happens such as a random thought. I’ve personally had many deja-vu experiences where I think I’ve seen something before, but I know what deja-vu really is: a microsecond between observing something and your brain processing that observation.

  5. First, what your describing as telepathy I don’t think really qualifies as such. I think you are probably just very similar to your peers and have similar thoughts.
    Second, re. the dreams. That is an interesting phenomenon and I think you should start documenting your dreams as soon as you wake. Buy a special notebook only for that purpose and keep it by your bed. Make sure to date the entries. This will give you a better idea of how frequently it occurs.

  6. In the second one …telepathy.. you are probably picking up on the other person’s thoughts before they say them . I used to do this a lot. I would even write it down and try to show it to the person after it happened..but they wouldnt read what I wrote or didnt’ believe it. This would happen with other people too only I would speak the thougths out loud. A lot of times they were the wrong thing to say so I took the punishment for saying them. Also it could be spirits putting these thoughts into your head and also into their head…and you both hear it but the other one just happens to say it first. I had a lot of thoughts pop into my head that I knew weren’t my thoughts. Same with my dreams…I know some of them are not about things I’ve seen or heard or thought about…so idk where they come from.


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