Home Discussion Forum Am I dying sometime soon due to telepathy?

Am I dying sometime soon due to telepathy?

Dying, perhaps, from the telepathy (where the world receives my thoughts, but I’m not able to receive most others)?
Or, am I being cured of telepathy and being killed or put down?
Or, am I expected to live a long life?


  1. Only God knows when you will die. When you focus on dying, you forget how to live. Therefore, you are missing out on a lot of things. Phooey on the telepathy stuff. LIVE!

  2. You can’t die from telepathy. It can’t be done. Telepathy is sending thoughts from one person to another. Unless you’re psychic, in which you’re not, or have the power to do it to your friends, you can don’t it. The world can’t receive your thoughts. It’s only person to person.


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