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am i demon possessed or under psychic attack? if so how do i burn it out?

Am i demon possessed or under psychic attack? if so how do i burn it out?
started when i felt something in i saw in my mind’s eye as “black ink” seep down into my third eye, cover it, and then seep down into my central light (a small intense white ball that i had “thought” was my center – it turned pitch black, and i felt i was rotting and dying inside) – before this i was extremely hyper / empathetic
– when i used to listen to music i would get overloaded and feel like i was electric, and i would get really into it – this thing or wtvr i can tell really likes it when i listen to music, but right when i am about to really get into a song and get energy going, i can feel it siphon the mental energy right out of me – i am a very musical person, i think this may have attracted it so that it could drink in my energy, it used to feel like fire in my blood – now when i almost get there, it is like nothing
– feel really dead inside
– emotions diminished
-seeing what seems to be “smoke” moving around in the air, or semitransparent figures
-plagued consistently by horrible nightmares (in one of the night mares, i had a sign where i turn into one of these “dark soul people” the cruel people that i can’t stand – is this thing playing w/my mind?)
-i had seen a “shadow person” during sleep paralysis a couple weeks prior to this when i was plagued by guilt
– i now have, along with the frequent nightmares, a ridiculous paranoid/like fear of dying
– i had always felt very sure of my path in life and confident in my fate – now it seems that my line of fate has been cut and i am in the dark (i HOPE that is that thing/person playing w/my mind)
-i tried prayer but it’s not working
-it is extremely smart wtvr it is and powerful – i have been around psychic vamires etc…and repelled them, but this thing/person is in a league of its own, far beyond mine it seems, and i don’t know how to break it’s connection from me, or, maybe even worse, “evict” it from my soul/body (that is what i am dreading)
So…can you diagnose what it is? and then
How do i get rid of it (i have a feeling it might have to be something pretty severe or I will need outside help)


  1. The good news is that you’re not demon possessed and you’re not under psychic attack. If you’re post is genuine, you’re right that you could use some professional help. Let your doctor know what you’ve been experiencing and let him or her advise you. Good luck!

  2. Demons ALWAYS mean harm, destruction, and death to people. And only JESUS can stop demons and drive away demons. You need to believe in Jesus alone for salvation, and call on the Name of Jesus for help RIGHT NOW!
    Jesus is God, and Jesus loves you so very much! 😀
    The truth about Jesus is that the only way to be saved and to get into heaven and avoid being sent to eternal hell, is by believing in Jesus for salvation, believing in faith alone that Jesus, who is God, died on the cross for all our sins as FULL PAYMENT for all our sins, and then Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Believe in Jesus alone for salvation, and you will be in heaven, no matter what!
    Salvation is a FREE GIFT that happens in a split second when you believe in Jesus alone to save you! It is impossible to lose or “leave” salvation (John 6:39-40, John 10:28, 1 John 5:13).
    Please pray now: “Jesus, I believe that You died on the cross to pay for my sins and that You rose from the dead, and I thank You for eternal life!” You will be in heaven with Him forever when you die! 😀

  3. it doesn’t sound like you were possesed by a demon. infact, if you were possesed by a demon you wouldn’t even know it you wouldn’t remember anything exept what you did before the possesion.

  4. Grab your phone book and look for a christian church nearby call the number and ask to speak to someone who will help, they will pray with you and help you look for answers. I’m sure God is waiting to hear from you and is willing to help you.

  5. Are you on drugs? sounds like you are. If you are not , then you may be schizophrenic. You need to go to a psycfiarist and tell him all about it and he will prescribe some meds to help you . You may need to be admitted for mental treatment for a while. You annot burn it out. You need serious mental help.

  6. When you feel you are under attack either surround yourself with white light or modify your aura so that it’s mirrored on the outside and black inside where you are at. The mirroring on the outside will reflect the energy back at the attacker. Another thing you can do is do a protection ritual, or choose a protective deity, take a colored candle you feel represents that deity and ask that deity for prayer and light the candle until it’s done. But be careful, if you have to leave the candle alone, extinguish it and relight it later. Never leave a candle unattended. Also carry a small amethyst stone and an aventurine stone with you at all times. Also, increase Vitamin D, eat more protein, fresh juice and go check out http://www.sanguinarius.org because you might be a vampire too. I used to get attacked by astral vampires in my sleep and I was always able to defeat them. Good luck.

  7. You appear to be mentally ill. I suggest making an appointment with a friendly doctor and avoiding contact with things that may exacerbate your condition such as the internet and television.
    Try to relax, set yourself a nice simple task that will take your mind off your worries such as tidying the house or making yourself some soup. Then go and have a chat with a doctor or counsellor. Good luck.

  8. Sounds like you are being psychic attacked. It happens to me allot(mostly at night). Something that will really help you out is to clean your aura. The link I shall provide to a most excellent article on aura cleansing will lead to a Satanic website. I am trying to help you out and ask you to keep an open mind. You do not need to be a Spiritual Satanist to practice this aura cleanse and nor are the people who follow this website are evil.
    I am a Spiritual Satanist and I am very thankful for the tools I have been so I can defend myself spiritually. What is attacking you is not a demon and Satan is not a boogey man derived from the bible. Satan is hebrew means adversary but hebrew derives its self from even older languages. Satan is derived from a Sanskrit chant known as “Sa Ta Na Ma.” Sa Ta Na Ma broken up means infinite, life, death and rebirth. “Satan” is cut off at death as a way to blaspheme. Satan and the demons depicted in the bible predate the bible. They are gods of ancient cultures, they were written in to blaspheme them. Satan was known as Enki to the Sumerians.
    Now with that said here is the link http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Aura_Cleaning.html
    Clean your aura and keep a shield over yourself. I usually picture myself in a dense bubble that can not be broken or torn. Sometimes I make it reflective and reflect all negative energy back to it’s source. I always allow positive energy to pass through though.
    It’s helpful to clean your aura in the shower also, the water naturally washes away the negative energy.
    Do not be afraid, the thing that is attacking you feeds off of fear. You can try fighting it, find a quiet place and concentrate on fighting it. Go for it’s heart chakra and brain. There are black holes in space, vortexes full of negative energy. If you manage to weaken it try to force it into one of those.
    Try to fight it, and when the fight it over. If you destroy the creature, do not think about it. When the fight is done do not dwell on it. Fill yourself with anger when you fight, it will aid you in your fight. Lastly, cleaning your aura is very important. Fighting naturally brings negative energy, clean your aura.
    *Edit. I read replies about seeing a priest. That won’t do shi7 for you, trust me, I know what I am talking about. You either need to fight it off or get or in list of the help of someone more powerful then yourself.
    A priest waving a bible around and reading scriptures will not help you. If you do enlist in the help of a priest I shall be proven right.

  9. Non of what you said is actually possible in the natural, physical, REAL world. What is happening is that your mind is being overwhelmed by these ideas… ideas that you need to seriously seek help for. You are not possessed by a demon, but you are allowing yourself to believe that you are which is an even bigger problem.
    Go seek help, for you and your loved ones’ sakes.

  10. fishy my man, demon possession and phychic attack are/is the same thing. but to believe in demons mean that you believe in spirits. it looks to me that you’ve already identified the spirit that is attacking you. and that is ‘spirit of fear.’ we all are in a fight w/ unclean spirits. the nightmares, the paranoia, near schizophrenia suggest that you believe the attacks are real. i’m curious about your prayings. did u pray in Jesus name? anyway, u talk as if u have no power over these things. but you do. these spirits know your fears so they aggressively confront you. as long as u believe that they got the power they won’t go away. they work for satan like agents that get paid to convince u that you are w/o a Most High God and that you are mindless. u must not to continue to give them this power. your meditation should be on Gods word and Gods laws. fishy man, you are not in the lord of the rings as a elf that see the dead. u are in a life that is given to all men/women/children through Gods spirit. pray again. read II Timothy chapter 1(emphasizes verse 7) and let me know. you’re just feeling sorry for the wrong you’ve done. who hasn’t done wrong?

  11. No Psychic can attack the human mind But an empathic person can but they won’t do that under any circumstances…. Also if you are under some form of an demonic attack or perhaps a curse there is no way (unless you are empathic) you can burn it our so to speak without burning out you entire mind………. And from what you are telling us I strongly believe that you are suffering from some sort of demonic attacks…..

  12. I believe you and I don’t think you’re crazy.
    Sounds like psychic attack….I know it well. I have been attacked for about 10 years. I have fought back with mixed success, but My Aura is systematically taken apart and taken by this person I used to know. She then cloaks the enrgy and basks in it! What she does is stretch out with ‘energetic/psychic fingers’ and kind of pokes me (or vibrates my energy with hers/other parts of my energy) to keep me from being in my aura. The aura must be felt- if you dont sense it or are intefered with so that your attention isn’t resting with it, then you might as well not have it!
    I feel helpless because my ‘bodies’ just slip away and get coaxed to her by her will. The result is I never feel at peace with myself while she has my ‘force’.
    I feel sorry for your predicament cos it actually sounds much worse.
    However you need to be calm and seek solutions. THere will be some technique that works….its just finding the right avenue.
    Some suggestions in the meantime are…listen to different music! try religious tibetan or indian devotional…set up a ‘sacred space’ in your room, go for a morning walk, give up drugs, change the company you keep if you have negative people around you, perhaps move somewhere that makes you feel happier/more energised? maybe move out of town to the country? be by the sea or in the mountains
    take up some creative pursuits…WRITE DOWN how you feel/draw these people make a journal so that you can draw parallels with your emotional state and this phenomena, explore this feeling of death inside you however bad it feels, if its already inside you, you shouldnt be harmed more by entering IT”S space- go in to it with your mind and allow your higher feelings to transmutethis feeling of death,
    also you could accept death!
    any questions feel free to write to me by email
    stay whole and happy in your heart if nothing else and perhaps you should talk to:
    a pranic healer?
    a shaman?
    Any of these should be able to greatly help your condition.
    HOpe you find your connection with the divine again, just be aware it exists, a level so pure and luminous that it is pure love /acceptance/peace, gain strength from being ‘with’ this realm/possibility in your mind!
    Sorry to read all the other responses, hope mine helped.

  13. Im going to ask a few personal questions, only becuase I have experienced some of what you have. Do you masturbate, or watch pornography? Do you work with psychics, or practice any time of mediumship or psychic work? Please email me I will try and help you best I can.

  14. Thats a Jinn (meaning “hidden” – ie. a creature of the unseen).. best way to get rid of it is to keep pets in your home (preferably cats), and if not that, try to focus on the purest feelings of happiness in your heart (these kinds of jinn don’t like positivity), and keep recreating that feeling till the jinn backs off.
    To stop the nightmares, before you sleep say this:
    “In the name of God, the kind, the merciful
    Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of men,
    The King of men,
    The god of men,
    From the evil of the whisperings of the slinking devil,
    Who whispers into the hearts of men,
    From among the jinn and the men.”
    “In the name of God, the kind, the merciful
    Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn,
    From the evil of what He created,
    And from the evil of the utterly dark night when it comes,
    And from the evil of those who blow on knots,
    And from the evil of the envious when he envies.”


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