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Am I clairvoyant or is it merely an insane coincidence?

The Virginia Tech massacre is a horrible event that will forever be remembered across the nation and the world. However, there once was a time when it had not yet happened. At 6:30 AM on Monday the 16th, I had woken up from a nightmare. In the nightmare, a biomedical engineering student had gone berserk and went on a shooting spree on my campus (Johns Hopkins University) while I was walking to class. I managed to escape by running away. This was in a DREAM at 6:30 AM. 45 minutes later and 250 miles away, an English major went on a shooting spree that killed 32 people.
I am not joking. I am not trying to capitalize on the grief, I myself feel immense amounts of grief and sorrow for the Virginia Tech students, even more so because of my dream. However, what I am curious about is what the dream really was. I believe it was an insane coincidence. I don’t dream about mass shootings on a regular basis, if ever.
Am I clairvoyant or was it a coincidence?


  1. If you believe in a sort of universal consciousness in which we are all spiritually connected and our souls in their incorporeal state know already what lies ahead in our lifetime, it could be that the more intense moments sometimes slip through to us through dreams. In a sense, it is clairvoyance as we define it, only I think it is a capacity we all possess but remains undeveloped.
    In other words, yes, I believe you could have had a flashforward of events in your dream, with the circumstances slightly changed to reflect how such a horror would affect you personally. Other people have had similar experiences throughout history. Why not you too?

  2. Why take this time to ask this particular question and make those idiot statements? How could anyone possibly answer this for you? You’re like the rest of the moron’s out there that need to be noticed. That’s why that coward murdered those innocent people. Mindless thoughtless coward.
    Your timing is disgusting and thoughtless.

  3. Good chance you are clairvoyant. It’s a gift… I’ve heard don’t abuse it or use it for greedy purposes ( or you’ll lose it ) develop it to help people and it will grow stronger! God Bless !!!

  4. I would never discount that someone (from beyond) was trying to communicate with you. Some people will try to get you to “ignore” it, but you are not suppose to. Put it in your memory bank, you probably are one of the lucky people that can communicate with spirits through dreams.
    Also, be careful on your campus. You probably have really good instincts, I would follow them, they were given to us for a purpose.

  5. Sounds like you might be a ‘senstive’ who registers calamity of wide scale proportions. Too big a coincidence.

  6. Sounds like you need to do more studying on the subject, read up on it, ask others that really have this ability and monitor other events you have that are similar.
    It really is a gift if you have it.
    I know what a gift can be I locate lost items for friends.


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