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Am I cheating on my wife if I see a trained Dakini every week for Tantra lessons.?

I do have a Orgasm
There is No Touching involved.
She makes it happen magicaly.


  1. Hey, your wife spends most of the day in my bedroom tied to the ceiling with my belt, so it probably works out as even-stevens.

  2. are u kissing touching having sex with her.. if not then no its not cheating… are u thinking of getting with her if so thats just as bad as cheating!… and does ur wife kno if not u may not be a cheater but u will be a liar and if ur lying about these lessons she will suspect ur cheating or up to something becuz ur keeping it a secret if theres nothing to it then just tell her

  3. What exactly do they do?………………………………………………….. Well if there’s no touching I can’t see how it could be cheating. I probably wouldn’t like for my man to waste his you-know-what somewhere else, but if it’s something your wife is cool with then no one else’s opinion matters.

  4. I would call that cheating, if my man came home after Tantra lessons and told me he had a orgasm and me knowing a woman teaches them, i would have one big problem, i would leave him.. now if your wife dose not know about the orgasm, you should tell her and see what she thinks about it bet she makes you quit.

  5. *Yeah….it’s all good, your wife is cheating on you with me 🙂
    ~Don’t worry about it…she orgasms too.
    ….She also told me to tell you, that the sex with you was just that bad…that she had to start swinging for the other team.
    .**Anyways……I hope you enjoy yourself cheater 🙂
    …I know your wife is right now. haha.

  6. YES. Anything of a sexual nature done,said or written to or with someone other than your spouse is cheating. You’re pretty much paying for sex which is prostitution.
    You’re lying to yourself if you think you’re doing this for her.
    Grow up!

  7. Does your wife know that you see this woman and that she is bringing you to an orgasm? Maybe all the “working girls” should get this training certification in Dakini and we could free up the local cops to do something more productive with their time than chasing cheating men like…I mean men who can’t communicate their needs to their wives.

  8. yes u r from it reaches the point where u r having a orgasm, the bible states if u as much think of the thing in ur heart u have sinned.

  9. What would your wife say if she knew? if she would be mad as hell? If the answer is YES you know you are doing the wrong thing!!!! and having an Orgasm that’s cheating in my book…
    Why not go and learn together?


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