Am I being visited by a ghost or possibly a succubus?

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About 2 months ago, because of a dare, I did a succubus summoning ritual. As expected, nothing happen. Then staring 2 nights later, I could feel a presence in my bedroom. Every night since then, as soon as I walk into my bedroom and every time I’m alone, I feel a presence. When I go to bed at night, the feeling of the presence is stronger. It feels like the presence is lying on top of me. My skin feels as if I’m getting a bad sunburn. Also, my skin starts tingling. For the last 3 nights, the tingling has gotten deeper than my skin. Last night, the tingling was throughout my insides. Since this started happening, the felling of the presence, the sunburn feeling, and the tingling have gotten stronger each night. People have told me this is just sleep paralysis. I don’t buy that for one second. As the feelings usually start as soon as I walk into my bedroom, when I am nowhere near being asleep.
Last night, for about 2 seconds, I could feel someone or something caressing me in-between my legs. It scared the living he– out of me.
I keep telling myself it is my imagination. But, somehow, I am convinced it isn’t my imagination.
Also, I keep having this reoccurring dream, where a super sexy naked lady is trying to seduce me.
What do you think is happening?
Is my imagination?
Could it possibly be a succubus?
BTW, I do believe in evil spirits. Wheter succubi and incubi exist, I don’t know for sure.
OMG. After I posted this, I decided to take a nap. My dog, who never sleeps in my bed, sat at the side of the bed and wined. So, I let her climb in the bed with me. A few minutes later, as I was falling asleep, I heard a woman’s voice say, “Get that f—ing dog out of here”. Then my dog jumped like she was shot. She frantically looked around the room and ran to the end of the hallway. She then looked back towards the bedroom and starting barking. My dog rarely barks. I tried to get her to go back into the bedroom, she tried to bite me. She has never done that before.
This has scared me to death and has proven this presence is not my imagination.
I am now afraid to go to bed tonight.
What am I going to do?

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They’re heeeerrreeee!….. jeez, heres a quarter go out and buy yourself a life.


Well it appears you are being visited by a succubus. They are sexual demons who get off on men while their sleeping. You could tell it to go away. Though this is a demon so you might have a bit more difficulty doing so. By ignoring it you might be able to get rid of it. Just don’t acknowledge that it’s there which could piss it off, but it would work.
I know someone who had one and he wanted it gone. He told it to leave and it refused so he just ignored it. Whenever it tried something on him he’d shrug it off and soon it got bored and moved on. Give it a try, if they doesn’t work then I’ll see what I can find for ya.

Daine S.

sounds like a succubus. i would do what the other person suggested, not the ass one, but the helpful one, and if that doesn’t work go to a paranormal and enlist their help. im dealing with spirits right now too.ur not crazy, i dont believe that at all. good luck and listen to that other person!


Good story telling… you should look into writing as a career !!!


Try hanging a picture of Dick Cheney above your bed’s headboard. That will kill its mood.

Prime prey, come get me demon!

Sleep paralysis is a very vivid experience and feels real. But if that is a succubus by some crazy chance, then send her my way. Really, if demons are real I want one to seduce me and make me her slave. I could use the exictment.


It happened to me recently. I was in a dream state but it was so profoundly real that I wrote it down when I woke up (I never do that) and I was truly afraid to go to bed the next night. Told my friend the story days afterwards and she made a short movie about it.
Won’t let me insert a link here but it’s on Youtube if you care to watch:
“The Betrothed 2018” by Fay Ann Lee


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