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Am I being haunted by a succubus?

Last night, about 3:00 am, I had a dream that I was in the park and a beautiful woman came up to me and started rubbing her hands all over me. Then she started caressing my private parts. Then she told me that if I ever touched that wh— woman again, that she would make me loose these. Then I woke to a pain in the groin so great that I almost threw up. It was like someone punched me hard in-between my legs. I was home alone. I don’t see how pain that great could be in anyway be related to sleep paralysis. After I opened my eyes, I could see the same woman floating above me. As she floated above me, she told me that I now belonged to her and no one else and that no woman better ever touch me again or they would die. After floating above me for about 2 minutes, she then ascended up through the ceiling and was gone. It scared the he– out of me. I am convinced this is not sleep paralysis that I am actually being haunted by a spirit that is more than likely a succubus. What do think? What should I do?
It was extremely scary. It was so scary that I laid awake for the rest of the night. The pain was so real too. It hurt for hours. At 11:00, as I was falling asleep, I felt like someone was in the room with me. I could here footsteps. It also felt as if the bed sunk in on either side of me as if someone was stradleing me. Also, I felt something strange. It is hard to discribe. But, it felt as if this intense heat was on my skin. Then the heat penatrated my skin into my muscles and deeper. It was weird. Also, I heard a woman’s voice. She several approx. 5 or 6 words. I could only make out the last word she said. That word was succubus. I didn’t think anything about it until I woke up at 3:00 as discribed above. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight because I am still scared to death. I hope it just my imagination. But, what if it isn’t?
This is not the first experience. This is the six experience in the last month. Prior to that, I had three expiriences. One about 2 years ago. One about 5 years ago. And one about 20 years ago.


  • Why in the world would you want the succubus to go away?
    If you don’t want her, tell her to leave you alone and come visit me.
    If fact, if anyone reading this is being haunted by a succubus that doesn’t want to be, tell her to leave you alone and come visit me.

  • If so, then start praying like a frigging madman the next time she comes to you: look her in the eye, smile, possibly get what looks like a glass of water but is actually holy water and throw it at her. I’m telling you to provoke this demon-wench because it will most likely work. Prayers protect. St. Micheal’s prayer may help you fight off this demon. Then ask for a priest to help you. I mean, seriously, ask him to bless the house. The whole thing. Ask him to exorcise YOU.

  • Well I think if it were a succubus it will have sex with you already. I’m not sure though but have heard many tales. It could possibly be. There is no such thing as an incubus or succubus I think, they are the same thing and can transform into any form. Have you been messing around with magick or anything like that? They are really just demons that will make you horny and have real sex with you, they thrive and feed on the sexual energy. Yes they do exist, they will come to you if you summoned them or something like that. They are really attractive and will make you horny and they will never stop wanting sex, they want it all the time, anywhere, anytime.
    My father is a shaman so I know about them. Maby turn on the lamp when you go to sleep, maby ask for god and the angel Micheal to help you, thats what I did once when I froze upon waking up. If you really want to have sex with it, it doesn’t matter where you are, lights on or not, it will happen. No one will notice or able to help you. You can search there are many who have stories like yours on the web.

  • Some succubi just give us all a bad name. 😉

    Seriously, there are a variety of ways to deal with her depending upon your belief system.

    You can grid your room, placing protective items at the corners and near the windows and door.
    Rocks/crystals are usually what I use to grid with; jasper is great for keeping all sorts of negativity out. Some other stones you can use for this purpose: amethyst, aquamarine, hematite. There are more, but I think those would be the easiest to get ahold of.
    You can place a cross, a pentacle, etc. in the corners and at windows and doors.
    You can also sprinkle a little salt in the corners as well as the window sill and door and that can also work.

    If you are spell inclined….do a banishing.

    Tell her to go away.

    Iron is also a traditional thing used to ward off things such as her.

  • Yeah, you’re being haunted in your dreams.

    This has been happening a lot, eh? Has anyone died yet?

    Until she starts actually doing something with those private parts of yours, I’d ignore her and continue getting your rocks off in “the real world.”

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