I have never really considered myself to be part of any religion, because I just don’t believe in God. I was raised Christian, and I seem to be the only one in my family who just never ended up as a believer, that includes my brother who is 2yrs younger than me, I am 17. It hasn’t just come on like this, I have just never believe that there is a God. What I honestly believe is that there probably is a higher power, over the entire universe, but we don’t have any idea of it at all, regardless that we think we do.. Again, I don’t associate myself with any religion. I think religion is stupid and am one of those people that thinks we’d be better off without it. And I Am not one of those people that goes around trying to get people to believe what I believe, I just don’t bother because it’s pointless ultimately. Nobody really knows what is after death, sure you can have faith in something, but faith is not fact, and there is no point in trying to convince people of something that I may even be wrong about. My mom had always told me that an atheist, they were ‘devil worshipers’ and once I told her flat out I didn’t believe in a God, she convinced my entire family I was an atheist, but again, I don’t believe in God therefore I don’t believe in the Devil nor do I believe in a heaven or a hell, so I didn’t even pay attention to it. But I watched a documentary and looked up atheism and agnostic and they don’t really seem like satanic religions to me!
I am trying to be as clear as possible.. I do believe in karma however, and I am absolutely positive in that. lol.

So what do you think, atheist or agnostic?

Also I’d appreciate those of you who try and convert people online to just not answer, I only want to hear from atheist and agnostic people, please… I”m not interested in you preaching your religion to me, that is only going to reassure me further that I sure as hell don’t want to be in your religion. If you believe, that is absolutely fine, but don’t try to bother me with it, I am not interested.

🙂 THanks!
seel_: You are absolutely right! I don’t really care to be honest xD lol But I am curious 🙂
TO make it clear when I say ‘higher power’ I Don’t really mean a person, but more of a force, if that makes any sense.
You know what, I am not a pantheist because I do believe in the supernatural, like ghost and spirits, but again, it’s something I don’t think is explainable. Pantheism sounded pretty much exactly me until that point.


  • You sound more like a New Ager. I am a Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ…no, I won’t prach at you, but I just had to answer. I’m curious myself, actually. I’m learning about all this ttuff in school right now.
    Hm…You’re not an atheist…and you have agnostic overtones; but you stil sound new-ageish to me.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  • i think your closer to an atheist than anything, an agnostic is someone who is on the fence, who thinks its a 50/50 shot. an atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in a deity

  • All agnostics are atheists, but not all atheists are agnostics…

    Atheists simply lack belief in any god. Since agnostics lack belief in any god, they’re also atheists. But agnostics make a claim that the question of the existence of any god can’t be answered, so they’re atheists that on top of their lack of belief make a certain claim.

    Neither atheism nor agnosticism are “religions” — neither has any beliefs, dogma, rules, tenets, etc. Agnosticism does make one claim, that we can’t answer the question about the existence of a god…
    In the general case (does *any* god exist?) their claim is probably correct. In specific cases (does the *christian* god exist), their claim is almost certainly incorrect. You decide if the claim is worth making…


  • It’s up to you what you want to label yourself.

    I think, if you believe in a higher power, then your agnostic. Atheism to me, means you don’t believe any kind of God, or supernatural power exists.

    I would consider myself a weak atheist. I know I can’t know for 100% that there is no God, but I think the chances are slim to none.

    Yeah, I was there with you at that age. I too thought maybe there was a “force” out there but I didn’t know what it was.

    Now I think differently. I don’t think there is anything beyond the natural world.

  • Well we are all agnostic. It just depends on if you believe in a higher power or not.

    I am pantheist that knows the power of nature is that higher power

  • agnostic. athiests rule out higher power altogether, agnostics believe there isn’t a way to tell for sure. You could be spiritual, not belonging to a religion.

  • Well you certainly are not an atheist because you do believe in a higher power and I dont think you are agnostic because you are not necessarily asking for proof of the existence of the higher power you believe in. It seems we are on the same boat =)

  • atheists LACK a belief in the supernatural.. so “devil-worshiping” doesn’t fit.
    you’re an agnostic atheist. you don’t know and you don’t believe.. gnosticism has to do with knowledge, theism has to do with belief. if you lack belief then you’re an atheist. people can call themselves agnostic if it makes themselves feel better.. but it still means atheist.

    if you believe in a higher power you may be a pantheist or a deist. google that.

  • I am an atheist and it is by no means ‘devil worshipping’. An atheist does not beleive in god, gods, or any higher power. Therefore, I don’t think you’re a true atheist if you think there might be a higher power. An atheist is more than just someone who doesn’t believe in the institute of religion.

    An agnostic is, as defined by dictionary.com: a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.

    I don’t think you’re either honestly since you state you think there is some higher power. But why are you trying so hard to label yourself? Do you want to be able to say “I’m a ——-“?

    Think for youself, be strong in your own convictions, and know who you are.

  • Your first statement was I don’t believe in God. That makes you an atheist..
    You might think of yourself as something that isn’t either one though. One doesn’t have to be one or the other.
    Why does it bother you that someone might answer more realistically instead of begin given only two choices? There is no reason you have to accept what anyone says. I think you may have more doubt than you know. You have a lot of choices. Sorry you’re not interested.

  • As far as your story goes, I don’t really think you care. That is only my opinion, however.

  • An atheist is a person who believes there is no god.

    An agnostic is a person who is unsure if god exists. Maybe there is a god and maybe there isn’t.

    You sound like an atheist.

  • The definitions are:

    Atheist – Believes in no gods or religion

    Agnostic – open to the idea of gods but not a part of any religion.

    They certainly dont devil worship as they dont believe in him. The majority are very good people.
    Karma is a fairly religious belief as it requires faith so I would say youre agnostic.

  • You sound like an atheist.

    If you are an atheist you wouldn’t believe in a devil either. You can tell your mom that, to alleviate her fears of you worshiping one.

  • Agnostic I guess, if I had to chose between the two. But there are quite a few different systems that believe in a higher power without the dogma of a god.

    Just believing in the potential existence of a higher power, does not in any way make you a theist. And simply not believing in a god does not automatically make you an atheist.

  • you believe in a higher power, you are theist. Like someone said below, pantheist… and atheists can’t believe in the devil because the devil is a deity

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