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Am I an Indigo Child?

For months I’ve been thinking that I’m a Star person or Star seed, but as I was researching about them I came across these “Indigo Children”. The description of these people hit the nail on the head for me, the first time I read it, but as i looked farther into it, a lot of the characteristics don’t fit. I don’t have ADD, I follow directions well, Im not really creative… but i DOOOO want to change the world. Its broken, and i feel like im the only one who can fix it. I do have trouble with athority, and i am VERY wise beyond my years on the spiritual level. I pick things up fast, too. Is there some way to connect with other indigo children? or any way if you know or can help with my awakening?


  1. Im an Indigo child too supposedly but I feel that I am more like an old soul. I feel like Ive been around for centuries. You probably are an Indigo child. All of the characteristics match for me. There are websites and books that can help you,

  2. Well, really the term is a made up pretend concept. Its fine to think your special, but this is the easy way out. I am sure you have talents, skills and interests that can be developed. Then you will really be special and talented and you don’t need make believe concepts like “indigo children” or “Star People”.
    By the way, everyone is basically made of star material. Most of the elements in your body can only be formed under the intense heat and pressure of a star. Therefore people are mostly made star material.

  3. You sound like a nice normal kid. The key to your dilemma is “wise beyond my years on a spiritual level”. What does that mean? There is no wisdom in the indigo children concept. Only new age mumbo jumbo.
    Go out and change the world if you can. Don’t get hung up on silliness and new age selfishness.

  4. If you are an indigo, you’re awakening will happen on it’s own, when you are ready. That you’re aware of who you are, is the first step. The rest will happen on its own. When you’re ready to grow, you will. When you’re ready for more, the door will open to you. It will seem as if it’s of magic that the things come to you, it’s because it’s destined to happen. Once the door is opened, it’s self propelled. Take it slowly so it doesn’t overwhelm you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you will in time. Indigos know when they’re time has come. It’ll be as if you’re guided by an unseen force. It’ll just happen.

  5. Everyone is ‘indigo’ if you allow yourself to be. I didn’t know I was 156 IQ until I was 17. If I’d known sooner, my formative years could have been more formative! Best wishes.

  6. I very much doubt that you are an indigo child. I don’t think you know what an indigo child is. These are children who have exceptional powers and phsychic abilities. You do not seem to show any of this.

  7. If you have to ask that question, then you’re not an indigo child. If you were in fact, and indigo child, then your wise spiritual ideals should have been able to give you an answer. And what’s more degrading is the fact that you went to Yahoo! Answers to ask about your awakening.
    My theory for you:
    A hyperactive individual that is in a state of grandeur and creates attention through disobeying social rules.

  8. The thing most people don’t realise is that there is more than one type of Indigo. An Indigo type one fits the classic profile of the behavioral problems, high intelligence and artistry etc. There are 2 other types of Indigos, equally special and important, just different. If you visit http://www.azuritepress.com and look for the Phone Desk number, someone can point you in the direction of the right literature that explains this in great detail. My own personal recommendation is a book called Voyagers Vol 2: The Secrets of Amenti. This is available for purchase on the above mentioned website.

  9. When you were doing your research, did you look for objective information too? That is, information against the reality of star people or indigo children.
    If not, then you are falling for a confirmation bias. The evidence is that indigo children is made up new-age baloney. The term has no basis in any science or in reality.
    You are too smart to fall for this stuff.

  10. To be honest, I think it’s a bit dumb to label yourself. The type of child that fits the description of an “indigo” doesn’t seem like the kind of child who would be interested in someade up title. I’m not saying that there’s no such thing as psychic abilities or exceptionally wise children, because I do believe it’s very possible. I’m just saying that labels and what they bring with them are stupid.
    Anyone that wants to talk to a like-minded person who fits the indigo description, you can email me. robynhood-@live.com I’m 14, I guess I’m pretty mature/wise but I still have a lot of growing up to do, and I won’t judge you or anything.


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