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Am i alone or crazy?astrologers,psychics or anyone for that matter please help?

I was born-13 November 1988 between/ from 7.55 to exactly 8pm.I do many things,drawing,painting,writing(i hav a small business from home making jewelry)I am (ofcos)in love with metaphysics,astrology and all things supernatural.This next part is the real q and is rather scary for some.I sometimes feel i can do very strange things.2start lightly and this may be very hard to understand. I VERY often no what some1 will say before they say it but it comes more asif its my own thought but realize only afterward it was theirs after they’ve said it.THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING.I feel peoples emotions an sometimes physical pain even when there personas happy.now for the scary part.
I sometimes(since childhood,though then i saw bubbles) imagine im playing with my aura when meditating and ‘passing healing energy’.Thow it really comes naturally even in social situations.I feel the colures, waves and vibrations leave my body.Yes i always thought i was crazy as ive been through alot of abuse and ive always been a loner/loser.I emancipated@17.Ofcourse now understand the reason for experiences in life and what its all part of and ive forgiven anyone whos hurt me.But now i have nothing to pin these ‘weird sensations’to.When in this state i can persuade i total stranger in my direction,and then they love being around me.Im scared because even thow she was abit wasted my best friend saw ‘colorful lines’coming from my hands and head.(her words and ive not seen this).I was dancing.My boyfrend has seen it twice though he has little interest in any metaphysical branches. His descriptions are ‘sparkly colures around your body’.I feel very lonely almost all the time simply because i dont know if theres something highly wrong with me.Even if this isnt the case,now in my adulthood i feel the same disconnection,asif yesterday and every other one is a blur.Almost asif i have only just fell to earth and im sole alone or like the only one of my kind.I want a happy life and i feel i cant have it when i dont know ‘WHAT’ or who i am or if im very simply just crazy.When im very conscious of my differences my self esteem goes extremely low.This sucks because my personality is very extraverted and confident and when that feeling comes I struggle to sense other peoples needs or pain.Then i cannot connect with another soul.
If this all this sounds like a load of horse to you please dont bother replying.I have a highly spiritual mother with a strong belief in ‘church life’So ive heard everything from being possesed by evil spririts2being satin himself(why i ran away also).Ive had many pastors pray4 and ‘heal’ me throughout my life.This hasn’t helped so im seeking answers from astrologers or anyone who can even just relate.Also id like to know more about my chart/sign/personality as im constantly breaking my societies norms in big ways.
Thanx for reading even while you where thinking WFT.
Sorry,ment ‘wtf’.


  1. Ok, I think I was wrong. Do you know that people who are interested in physics stuff and astrological stuff is the devils work? You being interested in phycic stuff and astrological stuff is just telling god that your not depending on him to take you where you are in life but the devil. If I was you you should stop being interested in these type of things.. it’s all the devil works. You shouldn’t be able to tell what someone is about to say. The only person who is allow to have these type of power is GOD. Do you believe in God? If so then you have nothign to worry about and your probably gifted. But mind do not depend in physics and all these things. God is the only thing that will guide you in life and therefore he should be the only person to depend on even in the worst.

  2. first off, you should e-mail me. I completely understand. i’d like your birthplace too, i can’t really do a chart without that. however, you are obviously a scorpio. i am a pisces/aries cusp and have saturn,pluto and mars in scorpio all in the 8th accept pluto. anyways, i don’t know if that is important but I am sure you have similar placements. Ever since I was little I saw ghosts and had premonitions (all on small things mostly). anyways, I know the bubbles you are talking about, I have no idea what it is but it seems comforting. my husband is heavily virgo and saggitarius and is atheist so he doesn’t get it (thank god he has cancer moon and rising) anyways, i think he is scared. when i was little i was bad at math and would “send” equations to my teacher that I knew the answer to already to sound smart and get her off my back. i sometimes finish peoples sentences, but as i got older it started to fade because people didnt beleive me. Scorpios already kind of are psychic unless they have been very hurt, especially the women. so i think you should forget what people say. they really will never beleive you unless you are saying something about them and it makes them feel special. i have had enough premonitions to prove to people that I am not making it up, and life has continued on like normal. just accept that you are more tuned into the universe than most people. my husband is jealous because i can do a lucid dream at will (that whole thing where you are laying down with your mind awake but your body cant move and you put yourself in a dream). anyways, obviously be careful who you talk to about this. a lot of people have asked if i was possessed. okay i beleive in jesus and all that get off our backs!! you are still pretty young though, i am 25 but those 4 years i have on you made me learn a lot. i think when you get older you will be very wise and be able to help people. but it can fade, it did for me when i fell in love at 14 and got hurt by my husband off and on. anyways, give where you were born. if you were a loner like me there is probably heavy 12th house activity, and the psychic ability may be from the 8th, but there are a lot of possible placements for this. if you think you’re crazy, my stereo used to talk to me, and I had to have 5 people come over to prove it! (it was unplugged). Just be glad you have this gift. i am interested in your chart too, so be snappy with the birthplace! ^_~
    ( oh and the aura thing is cool,i don’t see them but i have synaesthesia so i feel them) hey if anything it is definitely a survival mechanism!

  3. Kascade gave you a very good answer ; and she explain it really well all the paranormal who is surrounding you on a daily basis [ I am psychic and yes its a beautiful gift ]

  4. im also a scorpio and sometimes know wat ppl r guna say, so no worries on that, but the other stuff just sounds weird…no offense


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