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Am I a shaman,witch, medium or chaneller?

I have displayed several spiritual girfts.None of which I can control. I have prohetic dreams, i see auras, I have been visited by animal totems, spitits, spirit guides, goddesses. Im confused about which I should try to cultivate


  1. I know what you mean! I hear spirits and have visions at random points (those of you who thinks it is because I am crazy or do drugs you are sooooo off) you are likely to be a Shaman. That’s what all your ability’s imply anyways!

  2. I have the same questions. I’ve had many different instances with different dreams/prophecies.
    Too those who mock her.. just F* off. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s hard to believe!

  3. Why chose just one? I am a shaman who is also clairvoyant and works with the Goddesses. Though I don’t see auras, I can feel and sense things. I also channel both in my own writing and in healing session with clients. All pretty cool stuff I feel sooo luck to do!
    I cultivated each as the opportunity came into my life. First step, find a good tool– like meditation, or journey work. Figure out which works best for you and dive on in!
    For me, I can’t meditate too well (all that quiet and concentrating makes me a lil “heady”) but once I was introduced to journeying, whole worlds opened up for me!
    To journey, make sure you first connect with your power animal or spirit guide who can act as both your protector and your tour guide to all the things you may encounter. Working with these teachers, they can also show you tools and techniques to help move you along on your path.
    A good mentor in this work too is also key so you have a safe place to ask questions and seek advice.
    Best of luck to you and remember these are not things that make us special, they are things that are meant to help people!

  4. you are you.
    i am druid. meaning, i search everything for everything trying to find something for me, even if that means throwing a little be of column a with column b,c,d, and e.
    study them all. what can it hurt? none, because you will be that much spiritually stronger, and you will study many things that can benifit you and help you get it all under control…
    you may be all of the above (shaman, witch, medium, chaneller) but dont catagorize your self and limit your potential knowlege that could be gained from studying all of them.
    my suggestion, dont just stop with those. keep learning. but that me 🙂

  5. Why do you have to be one or the other, why not a blend?
    By choosing one over the other you limit everything about you and put yourself into a box — unable to develop anything outside of it. Just go with it, educate yourself in what you’re most interested in, and consider yourself ‘eclectic’.

  6. First of all, anyone who tells you ur crazy are likely to be a little lower on the evolution chain so be proud of yourself that you have extraordinary abilities such as these. As for what you should label yourself that is entirely up to you to decide. No one can do it for you. Labels are just that and you don’t necessarily need one to be “spiritual”. You and i are very similar in our gifts it sounds like. It feels to me like you need a label to give yourself comfort. It’s like having symptoms and somehow going to a doctor that says you have (insert disease here) gives you comfort because at least you know that ur not alone. And you most definitely aren’t alone because many many others are exactly like us. If i was to give you a name thought i would call you a medium/channeler because unless you travel to the spirit world regularily to fight off spirituals that ill people and have had specific training your not a Shaman. Calling oneself a witch is a term for a follower of Wicca which is a religion which consists of psychic abilities but there is much more to it than that so unless you have conciously chose to be such you are not. Mediumship and channeling as i understand it are synonyms. To be able to see what is not seen and hear what is not heard. But whatever you are do be proud and not ashamed. Life is meant to be experienced and not to be merely survived. I wish you well. Peace be with you 🙂

  7. hello
    how are you guys?
    I need a good shaman to help me
    i have many problems in my life 🙁
    pllllllllllllllllllllllllz help
    thanks in advanced

  8. You would probably prefer being a Paladin. Shamans are ok, but If you like to get in and grind then pallys are the way forward.
    I would also cultivate fishing, don’t give up on it until you are 300+


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