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Am i a Reptilian? Reptilian help?

hi, my name is Randy R as in reptilian.I was born a Dark Color, And i Have European Royalty Family, i Dont see my eyes Are Slit but my pupils are very hard to see and very small, My skin Comes Off Easily and its not because of moisture or any Diseas or allergies.I have been in many religions (Christianity,Wicca,Shamanism,Catholic etc…) but i cant seem to choose one, I Also Am Very interested about Aliens and i have two Birthmarks next to my Right Nipple and they Aligned one after the other, they look like little planets, And i just want to know if i Am A reptilian? and are these any charasteristics of being a reptilian or any kind of alien?


  1. A couple other tests — do you have scales, and are you unable to regulate your body temperature internally? If the answer is yes to both of these, then yep, you’re probably a reptile. Otherwise no, you’re just very imaginative.

  2. NO.
    All humans have a “reptilian brain” and we do have reptilian genes. I realize this is not what you speak of though. You are talking about David Icke type of reptilian and I honestly don’t think you are. The reason I do not think so is you wouldn’t be here asking (you wouldn’t be able to break the mind control that easilly). Some of the “bloodlines” do have these lower astral reptilian types attached to them though. You’re welcome to research it more.

  3. The fact that you have posted this indicates that most likely you are just another person.
    Consider your parents. Are they human? Any siblings? You said that you have European Royal family. I dont know of any crown member who are reptilians.
    Well, if still in doubt your best approach is to visit a physician (Medical Doctor) to address your ailments (Eyes, skin, etc) and perhaps they can determine that what you have is a very human problem, also the Doctor may consider a referral to a mental specialist for further examination and last but not least, if you are proven to be a member of the fauna from this planet, zoologists and other scientists may be able to help you with your origins.
    Good luck!

  4. Read David Icke, if you happen to be one then congrats! Your related to Obama and Bush and a bunch of other douch bag Politicians.

  5. Yes, you were reincarnated to a human, though your previous life was in fact that of a lizard. You have had some ‘spiritual memory’ of reptilian DNA carry on into your present life physically.
    Out of scientific curiosity, have you found that your tongue slurps out long really fast to grasp insects for dinner, such as catching nats or flies?
    Do you long to sleep under shady cool rocks?
    Have you a ‘natural’ liking to slither on your belly w/all your limbs on the floor when no one else is present in the room?

  6. If you love to eat flies, then I would say, yes, you are definitely a reptile. If not, I’m sorry to say, sigh, you are just human.


  8. at the core of our brains we all have a reptilian brain, http://www.crystalinks.com/reptilianbrain.html some just tend to use it more as their guide to living more than others, thats the truth behind the reptilian agenda, david icke and other such people are people who know this and other truths but end up adding their own rediculous flare to things because they can cash in on it simply by focusing on a particular audience, those are the kind of people who strive on this reptilian center of the brain. it’s late and im tired tho so please excuse my bad grammar and run on sentences, i’ll come back later once i’ve slept and go into further and more specific detail but in the meantime check out the provided link and see if you can locate further info on what it’s explaining

  9. Are you green and have a tail?
    Did you come from a womb or an egg?
    My friend Fergus has and did. And he was recruited to mine for sugar puffs inside the hollow earth. The sugar puffs they use to build those funny motorcycles.
    He Dias that one day he will ride one home to space.


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