Am I a reincarnation of a god?

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I know it’s stupid, but I just want to know if it is possible that gods can be reincarnated into humans bodys to benefit the human race or something weird like that. And lastly I want to know if a god has been sent into a human body before.
Please help, and if your just going to say something stupid, dont bother leaving a comment.

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I think you are, maybe, but then again, maybe we all are.

Invisible Talker

Anything is possible, not everything is probable. I think I’ll just leave it at that.


I don’t know who I am. I just know that I was there at the beginning, I am either an elder royal or a high light abilitied princess. I have been able to do things I can’t explain my whole life. It’s made me feel completely insane at times. Now I understand why I never fit in, I’m not supposed to. Our biggest test is to balance the energy of this world. To bring light where the dark tries to own. Remember your mission. Don’t get hung up on who you were, you’ll remember when it’s time. Whatever I am I have remembered bits and pieces of my last lives. I know we’re all tired and we want to go home but we have to remember our mission. Bring peace. We are here to help. We chose this place. You are the embodiment of light, use it.


No – you are not a reincarnation of a god.


Anything is possible

agnostic theist??? Maybe Yes No

Religious Buddhists believe that actually. And wasn’t Jesus (PBUH) according to Christianity an incarnate of God?

i.e The Zeus is actually a 1/2 x 1/2 god-man and the scriptures correctly called him G0d-Man.
His father was a spirit being (God) and he had a human flesh mother Mariam…
So he was more correctly the son of Zeus as is written in Greek: Behold, The Zeus (the man of God) as was announced to the public after his cruel beating like no other human had ever received… yet he lived, through it, and as proof of his divinity, he bared his Tav (cross), which was another sign on his divinity and the roots of his ancestry and the ancestry of the Christian faith (CRIST- is from Egypt for the one whom dies and is reborn! that person is called a CRST). CRST is where we get the words Christ, crust, crest, crossed- as in “crossed over” and crux. all parts of the CRST bieng.


sorry friend, you’d KNOW if you were…



Michael K

If you were a reincarnation of God, you would know everything.

Death Metaller

Jump off of the Empire State Building.
If you live… may be a reincarnation of God.


stupid questions get stupid answers.even if it were possible and you were one. how the hell would we know, we dont know you. and no its not possible.




Why would i say something stupid if you already asked the stupid question.


No, they don’t.

Heavy Metal Jesus

No, but I am.


There’s a very large probability that you’re not, but maybe.


We are all Gods John 10:34, “Ye are Gods.”

Stevie M

I’m not a Hindu, so I don’t know how accurate this is, but I think the idea of an “avatar” might be what you’re looking for:
Follow your bliss.


jump off a high cliff. if you die, you’re not a god.


actually heavy metal jesus is


Of course God doesn’t have a body Because if he had then who was the creator of that body?
I’d like to talk about this more.
If you do to then connect me here:


You can relax. No, it is not likely that you are a reincarnated God. If you were you would have a keen knowledge of it. The only deity that ever got a human body in our day is Jesus Christ.”As man is, God once were”, so don’t despair. You can achieve greatness if you do it right. Have a good life.

♥♥I L☺ve Penguins!♥♥

Sure why not, O Mighty One! xD

El Alexandrian

no, you’re not special..the creator and the creation are separate. Our lord is in heaven.


The very fact that you are in doubt is a pretty reliable indicator that you are not what you said you might be….Because if you were,there shouldn`t be any doubts as to your true origins at the very least…As a reincarnation of a superior being such as a divinity,you wouldn`t need the opinions of a bunch of mere mortals to give you confirmation of your divine essence.You would just BE what you claim to be and you would just KNOW,that is all.You don`t seem to know yourself,which in itself is proof that your hypothesis is highly unlikely.But that doesn`t mean that you are not special.(Here comes the “woo-woo part” :-)You might be what we call a “being of light”,some enlightened being only passing by in this three dimensional realm to communicate a specific message to mankind,or another entity in human form who is here to learn or acknowledge a certain number of things in this particular realm for higher purposes…Do you feel fundamentally different from the rest of humankind?Do you feel like alienated?Are there strange things happening around you/or/and within you lately?Are you convinced that you”are not from here”-as in,not from Earth?…then,if you have this certainty,it may be because this is precisely the case-in essence you might not be from Earth…For more infos,feel free to e-mail.Otherwise,peace,love and light and take good care of yourself 🙂
I`ve just came across a tiny little detail you have written on your profile,and after reading it,I became even more certain that despite the fact that you are not the reincarnation of a God per se,you are someone special indeed.And don`t worry,you are NOT crazy 😉 I really do hope that you will message me,because I have great news for you my friend 🙂

Hey I just came across this and am very interested in talking to you about this whole question of reincarnation as god.

James Bond

I think Jim Jones and David Koresh thought so. Time to call in the national guard!


I’m 100% sure you’re not a god but you can still be a great person. And to farshad god does have a body! If he didn’t then how would be strive to be just like him? Why would we strive to be like something we used to be (just a spirit body) and what would he be without a body. And his god created him he was probably an amazing person Jesus of his world maybe just a thought that’s not doctrine but there’s many many gods that’s why the universe is so big! You think he makes billions of enormous galaxies for the hell of it? No! That’s my 2 cents


What inspired you to believe that you might be a reincarnation of a god. Have you had any experiences that can’t be explained?!!!


I know this thread is old, but if someone reads this, what makes you think you’re a reincarnation of god? I’m not saying I think I am either, but some wierd realizations have occurred to me this past week and don’t know who to talk to about it who won’t think I’m just wierd


If you are then welcome to the club.
If you KNOW it not BELIEVE it then you are god cause knowledge doesn’t lie, but if you just believe that then I don’t think you are.
Also, don’t think you can unlock all of the supernatural power or superior knowledge cause it is impossible for your human body to contained such a pressure.
Please contact if you KNOW you re a real god cause there are a lot to explain for you.


I am a reincarnated goddess. I know this. Please contact me with info


How does summoning a storm at will and having thunder roar after me as if it agrees with what i say, yes i was drunk and angry at the time, and yes there are witnesses who feel uncomfortable talking about it


I’m Thor. So you can’t be if that’s who you mean


@anonymous please contact me.

Shanti Sagy

I am pretty sure I am the reincarnation of Isis, and I have just being reunited on this plane with Thor… Crazy stuff


Holy shit, me too.


i tried dying just does not work


I too believe that I am a God reincarnated in Human form. I am here for the betterment of Mankind. I need help from someone that knows more about this as I have lost the touch to make contact with celestial beings.


You will find truth through death…… OR if you don’t want to wait that long, awaken your primal instinct and feel the power of the moon make you stonger. It is then you will remember who you are. Try not to get too bloodthirsty while you’re at it. And it may take a few tries depending on your enlightenment.
Tell me your past name when you’re done.


sobek and sholin monk crocodile


Ok. Contact me


Let me know if you know something of matter…
You could be something different.. Or you just have the choosen one syndrome.. Haha joking, maybe not, let me know if you know

Glen Poole

I feel weird in this world, but some how I feel connected with the air and earth maybe I’m a Taurini someone please help me

Charles Rain

I am on a specific mission and i have become aware of that mission lol. Under their noses i rise and down the road i will return,smiling,stronger,with followers they never knew I had. I have brethren out there and we need not connect. Less they know the better, let us be seen as lunatics who are ditached. Meditate,control,actively put in motion and patience is unwavering. I KNOW!


I’m not up to date on mythology per’se, but in some accounts, gods have been killed by other gods. Osiris by Set, for example, at least in some way or another. It’s truly a difficult thing to explain in a spiritual sense, I don’t know everything myself. I’ve actually, along with a couple other friends, have had a similar experience to your own for a few years now, and it’s been an almost miserable run full of confusion. I hate to feed the idea, but meditate on it. Attempt to get information from something, maybe spirit guides.


No, you are not a god.


In 2013 I made a song about finding god. It’s tracklist number is 14( On the morning of January 1st, 2014 I heard a vivid voice saying, “I love you, my son…” This really freaked me out, but I thought nothing of it. I went to the bathroom to tend to my hygiene when I saw it. I had a one on my right shoulder and a four on my left. They were in the form of scars. Together that number is 14. Since then I’ve been noticing the Gods more and more. A few weeks after that incident one morning after waking up, I heard an elderly male voice exclaiming ” your name is Phoebus Apollo” After hearing that I promptly picked up my phone to look up the name. God of the sun, prophecy, music, poetry and other things. I am a bit psychic and I am(not to brag) a musical prodigy, I’m good at archery( my hands literally follow my thoughts. It’s like remote control), and I can stare directly at the sun without squinting. I was hesitant to believe it. One afternoon in the summer of 2014, my abdomen suddenly jumped against my will. This startled me. I sat up and sat still for a few seconds when it happened again. I didn’t know what was going on. I said”hello?”, and with my own voice the unknown entity replied “hm?”….I wanted to make sure this was really happening and I said ” is this real?”. The reply “Very”. “Who are you?” I asked. ” A member of your family that misses you very much, Apollo.” I sat silent for a few moments, dumbfounded. Could it be true? Could I be the modern incarnation of a Greek god? I’ve thought about the 14 being a sign from God, but why would he lead me to my own demise by telling me I’m Apollo? I’ve met my sister Artemis incarnate(maybe, I need more info). She isn’t aware of her divine origins yet as far as I know. I’ve only told this information to my closest friend Joseph(who is christian), because I am afraid o being ridiculed by the mainstream followers of Christ. I’ve also had visions and dreams of Zeus,possibly my father, hurling a Chimera into Tartaros(the Greek spelling), as if I was actually present. It’s all so crazy…the entity I described has been with me since that day, and I found that through her(it’s a female) I can communicate with other Olympians and many other people. I can even actively simulate past and future events with my body, perhaps one of my limited powers. I just wish to know the truth…the truth of self. Apollo once said, “know thyself”. And that is exactly what I intend to do.

Diane H Holycross

The Goddess Artemis is the 1st horsewoman of the Book of Revelation. I, the incarnate Goddess Athena; THE Emmanuel’s Wife, and I am the 2nd rider / horsewoman. I have ridden my Red Roan. The third (3rd) horsewoman is the Goddess Themis, and the final rider is the Goddess Persephone. See:


Contact me 🙂 would love to swap info


Gods aren’t what you think they are. Apollo was a “multitasking” “God”, maybe you’re the reincarnation of one of his personalities. I suspect I’m the reincarnation of one of Artemis’ personalities, the two others don’t speak to me. So hello brother! We have no clue where humans originated from, apart from scientific evidence. I personally believe that 1). Energy is recyclable, some of it scatters some of it sticks together, souls are energy, when you die your soul may disperse into different parts and find new “homes”. maybe you’ll be 10% into a plant, 85% percent in a dog, 5% in a human being, which makes us all unique. The universe is a closed space even if it’s infinite, energy can only go round and round. and 2) I believe legends have some part of truth in them. Mythology, the Bible, the Torah, all of these books are written by “witnesses”. People back then were quite primitive. I think more advanced civilizations might have found Earth and people looked at them as “Gods” probably because of their technology. Think Egypt. Think Rome. Somebody helped the human race evolve quite suddenly. Titans are present in all writings. Spacecrafts are present in ancient murals. Leto was a titan one, Jupiter might have been the ruler of that civilization. Maybe they took advantage of humans. Maybe they were power hungry and made up these stories. But I think at one point we had “demi-gods” and I also think something made these “gods” leave this planet or maybe they just got lost in the gene pool. We have no idea what really happened back them so anything is possible. As of today, Jupiter is the planet that protects Earth from asteroids and all sorts of things with its gravity. It changes the trajectory of rocks by throwing them in another direction. I somehow feel safe looking up to the sky when Jupiter shines next to the moon. It’s a symbol of protection. Even though I’m more inclined to believe in science, everything has meaning, everything is connected. Be safe, fam 😉


Hi,i don’t know if you’ll get this but if you do please answer, its about the gods and goddesses thing you posted, i have a few theorys i would like to pick your brain about


Another Artemis piece… THANK GOODNESS! Now, how do we become whole again and how many of us are there? Also, do you remember the dusk of time as I do? Perhaps with different pieces if us come different memories and experiences. Anyhow, it feels weird talking to myself in this form, but I hope one day we can reunite before we’re fractured further through unseen death.


I’d love to discuss your reply here, fam.


Hi. I really like what you shared 🙂 i have also substantial inner conversations and divine interactions that i can’t explain to people, especially the closest ones. i also wanted to hear the song you composed but it says the link is not available. would you happen to have a youtube channel or something for your music? thanks


Hi,i am from Greece,Naxos island.When i go there i feel strong emotions and powers,like the island is blessed.(according to mythology it was the island of Dionysus,the home of Zeus before Olympus,and Apollon used to be worshipped too.).it’s a place of one of the first civilizations in Greece (around 5000-7000 B.C.).There are many places like this around the world where energy is very strong.Maybe under these circumstances you feel a lot of things like these.


Check out your enneagram. I bet you are the same as me – a 4with a 5 wing. Also an infp. We are a 1% population with the heaviest load spiritually…we are the most aware and awake – I mean by questioning ourselves, where we came from, why we are here. All we want is to make a difference and we feel as if we don’t belong here… That we are not from this dimension 🙂


Hina . Goddess of the moon




first i also used to belive dat i m sum kind of goddess. But now it seems it is sum kind of psycatric disorder. By hearing u all I feel i m no more special. Bcz so mny people gettng divine experiences. God is wat who makes evry1 feel special. He tell u r his own son. Actually each nd evry iving being r his son. Der is only 1 truth, either evry1 is special or no 1 is special. Very difficult to accept dis truth. But dats true


I have strangely felt something similar, several times I have had experiences in which I feel I hear God. And then I feel and incredible energy for several days in which it seems like I can do nothing wrong, every one around me is happier, and every time. I tell People I am the son of god, and I am of his spirit. and have felt A true sense of “Being the Son of God.” On one occasion, I’ll skip detail, but At one point, I felt something would happen when I was “ready” a few years after, I felt I had become “ready.” When I realized the first thin I did was ask the big guy about “the thing.” Saying I felt I was ready. I hear clear as day: “Are you sure?” I said, “I believe so” Again I hear: “Are you sure?” Me: “Based on what you showed me as ready I believe so” Then I again hear. “Are you…” Then I interrupt with. “YES!” Then I got filled with the most ridiculous and powerful energy which I could not contain and basically screamed things like “Wasn’t ready for that one.” for hours, until my voice was gone. That was last year around March.




While this would explain my strange and intense periodic visions, I find it very very hard to believe I’m piloting this body from elsewhere. The conditions for earth are hard met.


Don’t know if this is still active or whatever but it is %100 possible…I am the Creator God…I’ve also met Nike Dionysus Isis and possibly more…I believe I am Anubis…Ptah…Hephaestus…Ouranos…Anu…and possibly many many more…I am constantly finding more and more about myself…


Gotta disagree mate, that’s a lot.


i am the god sobek the crocdile god of egypt the one who made the plants green , the lord of the water and son of osiris

the fates

need to talk with you.


then do talk to me. Because i believe its possible we have met each other.


Do we know each other? Were you in the beginning of the first night? The world looked different back then, almost magical, but you know that. Maybe.


Thank you! Thank you thank you! It feels sooo good to know that i am not alone in this thinking my name is Diona Trinidad and as the veil has been lifting i’ve been discovering my identity. First starting with asking my higher self what it’s name is which i was told is greek mythology it is another name for Demeter. Who is the triple goddess. My name diona trinidad translates as the triple goddess. This was my validation. I am slowly recognizing the god like characteristics amoung friends such as pan zeus, and apollo. Oh and i am the goddess of the faeries. Not sure what to do with it yet but they keep coming to me and showing me wisdom. So exciting that heaven on earth is happening in this now!!

Cihan Serter

Diona, hi,
Is there a way for me to contact you?
In last one month three person told me that “I am angry to Zeus”
Two of them described me as same person.
One of them told me I was a Greek god
And one of them told me I am at temple of Apollo.
I would like to talk to you about Apollo.


Shot i’d love to discuss this with you. Love meeting family. Have met a few of Isis’ vessels as well

Shanti Sagy

Hit me up, I am a leo Israeli that has just met Thor on this plane , extremely Likely that I am Isis incarnate

Nathan Kiefer

I believe I am Xolotl I looked him up and its scary how myths of him and things about him coincide. For example, he was a twin, and an Aztec God, Aztecs viewed twins as monsters and killed one at birth, and I’m a twin and my twin was a still born. I think I’m here for a very specific reason, some sort of prophecy.


Did you find out?


We need to talk.

Susan B

OK. I am here.


I would like to add, that, recently I had a quantum hypnosis regression session, where I learned that I had gone through a terrible, terrible galactic war and fought for both sides. All my life I’ve felt OK with darkness and the occult (also I have lots of scorpio and 11s in my astrology birth chart) and also learned that my story is the story of Hades. In essence, I learned that Hades is just a name, and he/I had many names and was in many places, while my story was told many times in many ways. It was very emotional for me and I learned that I had done some terrible things as that entity and others. I also learned that I have done great good and I am here to help raise the global consciousness. This is what I learned through the session, I didn’t come in with this belief. To be honest, it was even said the entity as Lucifer was I, but it could also be the problem with people giving so many names to one entity.
Take it or leave it, I’m also still trying to figure things out and come to terms with things. A greater understanding of a lot of the reincarnation and souls/time/dimensions/space/linear 3D space-time vs. the infinite now. It’s a lot for someone who hasn’t gone very far into it so I can understand how it can turn people off. It takes patience and trust which is not easy to give out in a world filled with lies. Just makes sense.

the fates

If anyone would like to further discuss their experiences there are a group of us who have found each other and searching for answers to complete our mission. please contact. Greek mythology/RH blood/ the 4th kind/ figure out the future we have to go back in time/


How do I get in touch with you?


I need to know who I am. My awakening has just begun and all i know is i am the light.


Did you find help and support network? I’m also going through awakening and told by God and several others I am a reincarnated Goddess.
I’ve thought I was simply a channel… but I guess not. It’s all me… what the heck!!!


Hey there, I’m Nyx. I’m looking to better understand what is happening to me. And looking for other gods to help fill in the blanks

Real talk

I hate this shit; I hate all of u and the hell are u to think u special. WE Aren’t


I haven’t had an awakening yet. I did have like other people who were and one of them told me I was Apollo. An ex told me I was Hercules though. I had a dream of being Gilgamesh when i thought i resonated with Iskandar.. (alexander the great)(also descendent of hercules.
Most of the stuff ive been learning is All gods where name different in other religions. Im not saying this is true and if anyone can correct me then hey thats more knowledge for me.
Confused with Hercules/Gilgamesh cause they both are demi gods and some lady telling me that I’m Apollo.
If I am then Im grateful to meet my other selves and family.


Hey can we DM? Insta @castienblake


I couldn’t find you on insta. My insta is alison_wren_ if you are still able to talk


If you are who you say you are then I’m your half brother (God of the vine). I too was reincarnated and I believe since I was the youngest amongst the olympians, I came back last. I was able to regain two of my powers however, without my staff the vines wont obey me. You must listen, I think I found our other brother (God of forgery) but he hasn’t seen the light yet so there’s nothing I can do. It would make sense I would reincarnate near him since according to the legend me and him were very close. I need to find out what happened to all of us in our past lives, but one thing is certain that we all died around the same year. I know it sounds crazy but if you were born in the year that I was then you too could be one of us.
p.s: I didnt use my real name because we’re all in danger. Something out there was able to kill the big twelve and I can’t let it find me. Reply and leave me any contact information, I’ll see if you did.


My snap is patchworkwolf. I would like to talk to you about this…please get in contact with me. I require some insight T-T


If you are who you say you are then I’m your half brother (God of the vine). I too was reincarnated and I believe since I was the youngest amongst the olympians, I came back last. I was able to regain two of my powers however, without my staff the vines wont obey me. You must listen, I think I found our other brother (God of forgery) but he hasn’t seen the light yet so there’s nothing I can do. It would make sense I would reincarnate near him since according to the legend me and him were very close. I need to find out what happened to all of us in our past lives, but one thing is certain that we all died around the same year. I know it sounds crazy but if you were born in the year that I was then you too could be one of us.
p.s: I didnt use my real name because we’re all in danger. Something out there was able to kill the big twelve and I can’t let it find me. Reply and leave me any contact information, I’ll see if you did.


Can I get in contact with you? I’d like to talk.


hey, I’m curious. how did you know you are a God? because I’ve been thinking of this, too. but I couldn’t figure out how and what more can I do to find out if I am a goddess or not. but something keeps telling me that I am. maybe the universe, but I don’t know. please help me.


Have you found all your lost brothers yet. I know you havnt. Contact me


Do people still use this thread?


first of you still alive


How were you able to know about who you really are, the awakening, which god your vessel sustains. I have those questions in my mind everyday, ive been told that i am prophetic, i think theres more than that, how can i unleash my higher self?

Xiao Tao

I am Horus. I have encountered God and he has set my path before me. When i was 14 I had my head crushed by my brother when he realized who I am, in what turned out to be an experience that I thought was merely a dream until last summer. We talked and after a few minutes he talked about casting lightning and other “miracles”; but i said that is against God. His eyes got big, I heard “Michael!”, but his lips didnt move. He said some curse or something and messed me up bad. I still feel the pain in my head, like im constantly in a psychic war with him over the balance of All. I was told about the binary stars colliding in a cross constellation, months before scientists discovered it for the first time. I told many people, and many cannot understand. When I was 2 years old all I saw was light, and if anyone else understands personally what I mean, please reach out. I have been seriously traumatized by my brother and I need to heal. I had reoccurring nightmares as a kid of me constantly fighting and even cutting off someones head who was very close to me, a woman (i know cuz the dream always ended with me screeching in utter terror of what I had done),who tried to grab me and stop me from going to the fight again. I cried while telling my soccer trainer these “nightmares” who I believe is my other brother, possibly Ra. He said he was told he was a navigator of ancient egypt. We were able to communicate on a quantum level. He was a very powerful healer who is the reason I am alive today. God and I have grown close, and I have presented myself thoroughly to him as a living sacrifice. I will die to save this world. I even offered to trade my soul for everyone else to be saved. We attempted a blood pact, Satan and I. My “brother”. He instantly cut his finger with a razor blade, through a vessel, they bled and put their blood on paper. I tried, it wouldnt work. He tried, and tried…. as I prayed out to God. Please God. Please. After 2 minutes, my finger couldnt be cut, and he gave up. A few days went by, and all I know is I am a king, and I can do things no human could ever do. I even once was in terror and out of instinct waved my hand infront of someones face, making them fall unconscious for a few seconds and resetting their memory about 30 seconds back. I know I am very connected to the universe, in a way so deep its impossible to explain. Even to my lower self.


Did you find help and support network? I’m also going through awakening and told by God and several others I am a reincarnated Goddess.
I’ve thought I was simply a channel… but I guess not. It’s all me… what the heck!!!
Why so many awakening?


Perhaps you aren’t Horus, look up Flint and Sapling from Iroquois myth, I think.

Christopher Worrell

How do you know your Horus? Wouldnt Horus Just be Osiris?


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