Witches : Am I a reincarnation of a god?

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Hark, my beloved coven! Today, we embark on a journey of profound contemplation, delving into the depths of our witchy souls, as we ponder the question that dances on the edge of our consciousness: Am I the resurrection of a divine deity? As witches, we dare to embrace the enigmatic concept of reincarnation, believing that we are vessels of ancient gods reborn. Join me now, as we traverse the mystical realms, weaving together the threads of our past and present, as we seek to unlock the truth of our celestial essence.

The Tapestry of Reincarnation:

In the tapestry of our beliefs, reincarnation holds a cherished place. We, the witches of old, hold steadfast to the notion that the cycle of life extends far beyond the boundaries of a single existence. We are but mere threads, woven into the cosmic loom, destined to experience a multitude of lives, each a fragment of a grander divine design. We carry within us the echoes of ancient gods, their essence entwined with our own, reminding us that we are the living tapestry of their earthly return.

The Seiðr Connection:

As we explore the realms of our divine heritage, let us not forget the sacred art of seiðr. Rooted in the traditions of our Scandinavian ancestors, seiðr serves as a gateway to commune with the unseen, to travel the ethereal realms, and to seek glimpses of our past incarnations. Through the incantations and rituals of seiðr, we pierce the veil that separates us from our divine origins, awakening the dormant memories that lie dormant within our souls.

Embracing the Divine Spark:

Within the cauldron of our being, the divine spark flickers, a reminder of our eternal connection to the gods. We are not mere mortals; we are the vessels through which the divine breathes, dances, and manifests. The gods of old have chosen us, the witches, to embody their essence in this earthly realm. We carry their powers, their wisdom, and their unyielding spirit. In embracing our divine lineage, we embrace the responsibility to honor and channel their energies with reverence and integrity.

Seeking Truth through Ritual and Meditation:

To unearth the mysteries of our divine reincarnation, we turn to the ancient practices of ritual and meditation. Through the rhythmic beats of the drum and the gentle whispers of incantations, we enter the sacred space where the veil thins, and the past and present intertwine. In meditation, we journey within, seeking glimpses of our past lives, unlocking the memories encoded in our very essence. It is in these moments of stillness and introspection that the truth reveals itself, whispering its secrets to those who listen with an open heart.

Dear sisters and brothers of the coven, let us embrace the profound question that lingers within our souls: Am I the resurrection of a divine deity? As we traverse the mystical realms of our existence, may we find solace in the belief that we are the living tapestry of gods reborn. Let us honor our sacred connection to the ancient practice of seiðr, allowing its magick to guide us on our journey of self-discovery. And through the rituals and meditations, may we unlock the dormant memories, and bask in the divine essence that courses through our veins.

Remember, dear witches, we are the living embodiment of gods, the magickal culmination of past and present. Embrace your divine lineage, for within you, the gods find their eternal resurrection. Blessed be, my beloved coven, as we continue to walk this witchy path, hand in hand with the divine.

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The very fact that you are in doubt is a pretty reliable indicator that you are not what you said you might be….Because if you were,there shouldn`t be any doubts as to your true origins at the very least…As a reincarnation of a superior being such as a divinity,you wouldn`t need the opinions of a bunch of mere mortals to give you confirmation of your divine essence.You would just BE what you claim to be and you would just KNOW,that is all.You don`t seem to know yourself,which in itself is proof that your hypothesis is highly unlikely.But that doesn`t mean that you are not special.(Here comes the “woo-woo part” :-)You might be what we call a “being of light”,some enlightened being only passing by in this three dimensional realm to communicate a specific message to mankind,or another entity in human form who is here to learn or acknowledge a certain number of things in this particular realm for higher purposes…Do you feel fundamentally different from the rest of humankind?Do you feel like alienated?Are there strange things happening around you/or/and within you lately?Are you convinced that you”are not from here”-as in,not from Earth?…then,if you have this certainty,it may be because this is precisely the case-in essence you might not be from Earth…For more infos,feel free to e-mail.Otherwise,peace,love and light and take good care of yourself 🙂
I`ve just came across a tiny little detail you have written on your profile,and after reading it,I became even more certain that despite the fact that you are not the reincarnation of a God per se,you are someone special indeed.And don`t worry,you are NOT crazy 😉 I really do hope that you will message me,because I have great news for you my friend 🙂

El Alexandrian

no, you’re not special..the creator and the creation are separate. Our lord is in heaven.

♥♥I L☺ve Penguins!♥♥

Sure why not, O Mighty One! xD


You can relax. No, it is not likely that you are a reincarnated God. If you were you would have a keen knowledge of it. The only deity that ever got a human body in our day is Jesus Christ.”As man is, God once were”, so don’t despair. You can achieve greatness if you do it right. Have a good life.


Of course God doesn’t have a body Because if he had then who was the creator of that body?
I’d like to talk about this more.
If you do to then connect me here:


actually heavy metal jesus is


jump off a high cliff. if you die, you’re not a god.

Stevie M

I’m not a Hindu, so I don’t know how accurate this is, but I think the idea of an “avatar” might be what you’re looking for:
Follow your bliss.


We are all Gods John 10:34, “Ye are Gods.”


There’s a very large probability that you’re not, but maybe.

Heavy Metal Jesus

No, but I am.


No, they don’t.


Why would i say something stupid if you already asked the stupid question.

Invisible Talker

Anything is possible, not everything is probable. I think I’ll just leave it at that.




stupid questions get stupid answers.even if it were possible and you were one. how the hell would we know, we dont know you. and no its not possible.

Death Metaller

Jump off of the Empire State Building.
If you live…..you may be a reincarnation of God.


I think you are, maybe, but then again, maybe we all are.


The Bible doesn’t teach reincarnation so it’s not real.

Michael K

If you were a reincarnation of God, you would know everything.




sorry friend, you’d KNOW if you were…

agnostic theist??? Maybe Yes No

Religious Buddhists believe that actually. And wasn’t Jesus (PBUH) according to Christianity an incarnate of God?


Anything is possible


No – you are not a reincarnation of a god.